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Gust-front dust cloud, or Haboob, moving toward Yellow House Canyon near Ransom Canyon, Texas. Photo: Wikipedia Free Common, Leaflet CC BY-SA 3.0
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Before a Poor Air Quality Alert

Doing some outdoor exercise such as walking, running, gardening, playing golf or a team sport are just a few of the ways you can help your heart stay healthy outdoors. But before you go out, check the air quality forecast to ensure you aren't doing yourself more harm than good. Poor air quality can aggravate a host of health problems such as Asthma, heart conditions and other respiratory conditions. Seniors, children and those with compromised immune systems should be particularly careful.

Learn more about the dangers of air pollution and what you can do to protect yourself and to reduce pollution. Conditions to be on the alert for include wildfires, dust storms and smoke. Sometimes the fire or dust may be hundreds of miles away and still cause problems in your area. Learn what to do before there is a danger to your health.