ASOS Operations and Monitoring Center

The ASOS Operations and Monitoring Center (AOMC), located at National Weather Service Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, is a vital part of the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS). It began life with the activation of the first ASOS sites. Operational monitoring and maintenance dispatch began in June 1992, and then became fully operational on September 1, 1992, when the first ASOS sites were commissioned.

Monitoring and Maintenance Dispatch

In addition to constantly monitoring the weather elements, the ASOS also performs self tests on system status. When a problem is detected, ASOS appends a "maintenance flag" on the next observation. This flag serves as a trigger to alert the AOMC of a possible system malfunction. The AOMC can then dial into the site and diagnose the cause of the trouble. When maintenance is needed, the AOMC notifies the appropriate maintenance point of contact for action.

Site System Support

The AOMC maintains the master database of ASOS site configuration information. This database of 11 files for each site contains about 4000 specific items which define everything about the site from sensor configuration to the digitized voice identification of its airport name. These files are transferred to and from the AOMC automatically as changes occur at each individual site. In addition, the AOMC provides access to a precision time source linked to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, CO, which keeps all ASOS system clocks synchronized.

Technical Services

The AOMC employs a fully trained team to assist users in the day-to-day operations of ASOS. This service includes a wide variety of support, from archiving high resolution data for aircraft incidents, to answering technical, as well as meteorological, questions regarding ASOS from our customers.

AOMC, Silver Spring, MD

Our Customers

Our customers include a wide variety of individuals and organizations:

  • National Weather Service personnel
  • Federal Aviation Administration personnel
  • Federal/state/local government agencies
  • Aviation industry
  • Commercial and Private Pilots
  • Airport Managers
  • Private Meteorologists
  • Universities and research organizations
  • The aviation community as well as the public and private meteorological communities are the prime users of ASOS information. Timely and accurate ASOS weather information is critical for up-to-date weather forecasts and is essential for safe air travel. The staff of the AOMC is dedicated to ensuring that ASOS is disseminating quality information and this information is routinely available to all our customers.

    bookA paper on the AOMC that was presented to the American Meteorological Society on January 29, 1996, is provided for your information.

    bookA current table containing commissioned ASOS sites.

    bookA table containing monitored ASOS sites.

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