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NWS Travel Card Program
  • Review NOAA Travel Regulations:

  • In accordance with NOAA Travel Card Policy, the use of a travel card is mandatory only for employees who travel more than 5 times a year. Employees traveling 5 times a year or less may use their own personal credit card for travel expenses other than those that are applied to the Centrally Billed Account (CBA), such as airfare.

  • Travel Card Regulations and Instructions can be found on the NOAA Travel Site:

  • How to Apply for a new government issued JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) Master Card:

    • Take the GSA SmartPay2 Mandatory 3-Year Training

    • Submit a copy of training completion certificate to the NWS A/OPC (see contact below)

    • Complete the cardholder online application

    • JPMC sends the supervisor an email with instructions to accept the application

    • A/OPC enters set-up information into the account record and approves

    • JPMC performs a credit worthiness check on all applicants

    • JPMC issues a card within 7-10 workdays upon acceptance

  • Plan in Advance: Complete online applications at least 2 weeks before travel to avoid “rush” situations

  • Modifications to Existing Accounts or Account Closures are sent to the NWS A/OPC:

    • Submit hard copy documents for name changes (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree)

    • Submit all other modifications (e.g., address, hierarchy) and include the following information:

      • full name of cardholder,

      • action to be taken,

      • date needed by,

      • last four digits of the account number,

      • and brief reason for closing account (i.e. retirement/date),

      • Please include the cardholder’s supervisor’s name.

  • Submit account closure requests in advance so that account balances can be checked prior to clearances. Pay balances in full prior to separation.

  • Monthly Limits: The standard monthly limit for unrestricted travel cards for NWS is $5,000, with a 20% cash advance capability. Restricted cards have a monthly limit of $2,500, with a 20% cash advance capability.

  • Requests to increase limits temporarily: Submit the first page of the travel authorization to the NWS A/OPC with justification by fax or email. The limit increase will default to the original limit upon the end date of travel.
    Note: Supervisor's approval is required for temporary increases to travel card limits.

  • Accounts with unpaid balances past 30 days are pre-suspended. Unpaid balances beyond 60 days are in suspension and subject to cancellation.

  • Report disputed transactions online through PaymentNet:

Travel Card Forms Information

A/OPC: Yvette Garnett-Singleton 301-427-6927          Fax no. 301-608-0850
Alternate Assistance: Leslie Rivas 301-427-6916

Assistance only when NWS contacts cannot be reached: 301-444-2126 and 301-444-2136

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