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CODE System Requirements

CODE B14.0r1.17

Build 13 - What's New?

CentOS 5 has been tested and proved as a good alternative Operating System of Red Hat 5.

Build 12 - What's New?

The recommended minimum amount of RAM and swap space for the Development Configuration has been increased from 512 MB to 1 GB.

Build 11 - What's New?

The operational ORPG uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 beginning with Build 11. The ORPG source is built using the compilers included with Red Hat Enterprise 5 (gcc has been upgraded to version 4.1.2 and g77 has been replaced with gfortran).

In addition, the Build 11 source code enforces ANSI/POSIX standards and these are required for all Build 11+ software deliveries. One major impact is that C++ style comments using '//' are not permitted.

Only the Linux PC platform is currently supported for CODE.

Red Hat 5 is the official operating system for ORPG while CentOS 5 is a good alternative operating system for CODE.

General Notes:

Do not attempt to compile the ORPG source code without meeting the system requirements stated below.

  • Attempting to use any version of Linux other than Red Hat Enterprise 5 Desktop with Workstation option or CentOS 5 Desktop
  • Attempting to use versions of compilers not listed
will require changes to the source code and perhaps modification of makefiles.

Do not attempt to use 64-bit versions of Linux.

Workstation Platform

The Operational Configuration provides a development platform that is essentially the same as the operational system. This is not required for algorithm development or implementation. The Development Configuration provides an acceptable platform for running an ORPG clone and developing ORPG algorithms but does not match the performance criteria of the operational system.

Performance Testing. Any desktop PC with a current processor and 2 GB of RAM would be sufficient in order to determine the relative performance of an algorithm.

  Operational Configuration (Note 1) Development Configuration       Notes
Workstation AMD Opteron 250 Dual Processor Any PC with a Pentium 4 or equivalent processor.  
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise 5 Desktop with Workstation Option (32-bit) Red Hat Enterprise 5 Desktop with Workstation Option (32-bit) or
CentOS 5 Desktop
Physical Memory 2 GB 1 GB RAM minimum
2 GB recommended
Swap Space TBD 1 GB minimum
Disk Drive serial ATA drives 1 GB plus for each ORPG account  
Display Capability N/A 24-Bit color, 1024x768 min, 1280x1024 recommended  
  Note 1:
With the amount of overhead in the operational system there is little reason to replicate it for development. Any recent quality desktop PC with 2 GB of RAM can be used to obtain a good idea of an algorithms relative performance.
  Note 2:
Red Hat Enterprise 5 Workstation has been selected as the operating system for the deployed ORPG. The ORPG software requires 32-bit operating systems. CentOS 5 has been tested to be a good alternative Operating System of Red Hat 5.
  Note 3:
Currently 1 GB of swap space is sufficient for the CODE development environment.
  Note 4:
Does not include space for compilers and other development tools.

Software Language Compilers

The CODE Linux platform uses libraries and software development tools that are provided with the basic distribution of Red Hat Enterprise 5 Desktop with Workstation option.

Compilers used to build the Operational ORPG

  • Compilers and utilities provided with Red Hat Enterprise Workstation
    • GCC 4.1.2 (includes gcc, g++, and gfortran)
    • GNU make 3.81-1.1
    • GNU linker in binutils
    • glibc 2.5-18

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