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WSR-88D Common Operations and Development
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The WSR-88D Common Operations and
Development Environment Public Package

CODE B14.1

This is the public version of CODE for WSR-88D Build 14.1. It is based upon the ORPG Build 14.1 source code (May 2014), which will be deployed in May 2014. Build 14 changes are described in TIN 13-4 ( ).

More information (including sample Level II data) can be found on the ROC web page at (click Software Build Information, Level II Data or Level III Data). Build 14 Level II data collected from the ROC testbed radar KCRI (running in the DAN1 configuration) of the May 31, 2013 El Reno Oklahoma tornado (22:04Z-13:59Z) can be downloaded from NCDC ( yyyy=2013&mm=05&dd=31&id=DAN1&product=AAL2 ) and can be used with this CODE release. During this data set Radial by Radial Noise, SAILS, AVSET, and Storm-Based auto-PRF were enabled. Another data set with SAILS and AVSET enabled can be downloaded here: sails_avset.tar. It has a variety of AVSET termination elevation angles.

This particular software package pertains to software developed for the NWS Weather Surveillance Radar-1988 Doppler (WSR-88D), also known as the Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD). In particular, this software package pertains to the Open System Radar Product Generator (ORPG) module of the WSR-88D, and to an application development support package termed the Common Operations and Development Environment (CODE).

Certain components of the ORPG software are proprietary. These components are not included in this publicly available software package. Click here for more details.......


This package contains an archived file of the Public Edition of CODE B14.1. The archived file pub_code_b14_1.tar contains:
  • Source code for ORPG Build 14.1 ( May 2014) [NEW]
  • CODE Guide
    • Vol 1 - Setting Up the Development Environment [NEW]
    • Vol 2 - The ORPG Application Development Guide [NEW]
    • Vol 3 - WSR-88D Algorithm Programming Guide [NEW]
    • Vol 4 - The CODE Utility Guide [NEW]
  • Source code for CODE software
    • Sample Algorithms version 1.22a
    • WSR-88D Specific Development Utilities
      • CODEview Text (CVT) 4.4.3
      • CODEview Graphics (CVG) 9.2
      • Additional Utilities

PDF Documentation

For further information, a portion of the documents are available in PDF format. The primary purpose for these documents is printing and some of the links do not work. You can view the PDF Pages here.

Downloading and Installing CODE

Read the System Requirements and the CODE Disclaimer before installing CODE.

Find out the CODE Changes since your last CODE update.

Download the pub_code_b14_1.tar (71 MB) file now.

The archive file pub_code_b14_1.tar contains the Public Edition of WSR-88D CODE Build 14.1(May 2014). This archive should be extracted directly onto a RedHat Enterprise 5 Workstation upon which the CODE environment will be installed.

  1. Simply place the archive in a directory and extract with the command:
    tar xvf pub_code_b14_1.tar
    the contents are extracted in a sub-directory pub_code_b14_1.

  2. You can follow the Concise Installation Instructions to install CODE.

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