WRN Ambassador Recognition - Fire Rescue TV

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  1. What is the mission of Fire Rescue TV (FRTV)?
    Our mission is to support first responders by providing the latest training techniques, improving in-station communication and delivering timely local and national news. Fire Rescue TV is a 24/7 interactive, private television network that broadcasts on a 42” flat screen TV. We are available only to fire stations, EMS stations, and other first responder training centers within the United States and Canada. When firefighters report for duty, weather conditions always play a vital role to what they will be subjected to for that shift and prepare accordingly. In the summer this may mean slowing down and keeping hydrated. Company officers and chief officers should never forget responsibilities to the firefighters under their command and to remain vigilant for their well-being at all times. Additionally it is the duty of every fire department to prepare their firefighters for extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes, by adhering to specific standard operating procedures. The weather will always be a factor when making decisions at fires or emergencies whether tactically or operationally, and most importantly for the well-being of our firefighters.

  2. Michelle Lammers

  3. What has FRTV done to promote a Weather Ready Nation? (i.e. what did your WFO recognize your for?)
    Thanks to NOAA work efforts and collaboration with Mr. Douglas Hilderbrand and Corey Pieper, FRTV has been able to provide weather updates and weather alerts to first responders. FRTV broadcasts NOAA weather information directly into fire stations on a 24x7 basis.

  4. Michelle Lammers

  5. What does being an Ambassador mean to FRTV?
    Being a WRN Ambassador means that FRTV is considered a leader in informing the public about hazardous weather, and that it is at the forefront in educating them about how to protect themselves and their property when hazardous weather approaches. It’s particularly rewarding to be in a position to make this type of impact in people’s lives.

  6. What are FRTV goals for the next year concerning preparedness?
    FRTV goals are to continue to providing critical alerts and updated weather information to fire fighters. FRTV is currently providing NOAA weather information in 30 different states and expects to have 50 state-coverage within the next year. The first responder community really appreciates the NOAA/NWS information. Battalion Chief John Sturdee (Fairfield, CA) writes the following, “I wanted to thank-you for putting the local weather for Fairfield on our Fire Rescue TV. As you know, here in California, our weather greatly effects fire behavior during the summer months. It is critical that we have updated and accurate daily weather forecast.”