FodorLost at sea during WWII, weathermen to get their Purple Hearts at last
The first National Weather Service employees to be awarded the Purple Heart for service in the line of duty. (Washington Post)


Heather WadeNOAA awards $5.7 million to improve hazardous weather forecasts
Research to focus on improved prediction of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, snow.


Heather WadeFaster Radar Data Means More Advanced Warning for Hazardous Weather
Weather forecast offices are testing a newly developed radar tool to help them provide more advanced warning of threatening weather.


Heather WadeAs Wildfires Rage, NOAA's Meteorologists Provide Timely Forecasts
Specially trained meteorologists known as Incident Meteorologists provide weather forecasts critical to fighting wildfires.


NOAA researchers will use 2015 season to improve hurricane track and intensity forecasts
NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research will work with NOAA’s National Weather Service to upgrade weather forecast models and conduct research with unmanned air and water craft.


Photo Contest Winners Announced!
Winning images of weather, water and climate from around the country.


Heather WadeNOAA: Below-normal Atlantic Hurricane Season is likely this year
Hurricane forecasting evolving with new storm surge products, upgraded modeling.


Heather WadeNational Water Center opens on University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa
New facility is poised to become an incubator for innovative breakthroughs in water prediction products and services.


Heather WadeNOAA’s expanded flood information tool promotes resilience
Provides users with maps, data, and information to assess risks and vulnerabilities related to coastal flooding and hazards.


Heather WadeTweetChat: Spring Weather Preparedness - April 29, 2PM ET
Get answers to your weather questions from the experts @NWS.


People of WRN: Lloyd Colston
The Director of Emergency Management for Altus, OK, shares how he's helping to build a Weather-Ready Nation.


Heather WadeCollaborations under NOAA-Environment Canada MOU reaping mutual benefits
Now in its seventh year, the memorandum of understanding between NOAA and Environment Canada (EC) is continuing to enhance the capabilities of both partners.


Heather WadeWomen in Weather Google Hangout 3/25 Noon ET
Discover all of the exciting possibilities women have in the weather enterprise on March 25 at 12:00pm ET for a Google Hangout On Air.


World Meteorological Day
World Meteorological Day is annually held on March 23 to remember the World Meteorological Organization's establishment on that date in 1950.


Heather WadeNOAA’s growing weather observations database goes into full operations
More robust observational data gives weather forecasters better information to develop a forecast.


Heather WadeSpring Has Sprung! Get Ready for Some of America's Wildest Weather
Tornadoes, floods, thunderstorm winds, hail, lightning, heat, wildfires, rip currents and tsunamis - learn how to prepare for spring hazards.


NOAA’s new deep space solar monitoring satellite launches
DSCOVR will deliver better information for better space weather forecasts.


NOAA’s investments in weather models and partnerships paying off
Early improvements effective in forecasting recent Nor’easter; future forecast model upgrades planned.


Heather WadeNOAA announces significant investment in next generation of supercomputers
Increased supercomputing capacity will improve accuracy of weather forecasts.


Heather WadeU.S. tornado activity below normal in 2014
Third in a row with below-average numbers, according to NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center.



Heather WadeNew NOAA spacecraft readies for launch next month
NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory will ensure high accuracy space weather warnings.


Heather WadePeople of Weather-Ready Nation: Cheryl Nelson
Mrs. Virginia International works to raise awareness about family and pet preparedness.


Novak to lead NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center
Will oversee the development, provision and enhancements to NWS's suite of national forecasts for heavy rainfall, snowfall, and hazardous weather up to seven days in advance.
Get the latest space weather forecasts, watches and warnings.


Heather WadeDeWitt to lead NOAA's Climate Prediction Center
Will lead the efforts to provide forecasts on timescales from weeks to seasons, and to better understand and forecast short-term climate fluctuations such as El Niño/La Niña and their impacts.


Heather WadePeople of Weather-Ready Nation: Erik Salna
Being prepared for severe weather has to become a way of life, according to Salna.


Heather WadeTolman to lead NOAA’s Environmental Modeling Center
Scientist is best known for developing ocean-wave forecast model


NOAA study shows pattern of fewer days with tornadoes, but more tornadoes on those days
Researchers looked at records of all but the weakest tornadoes in the United States from 1954 to 2013 for the study.


Changes to Storm Prediction Center Outlooks
To better communicate the risk of severe weather, outlooks issued by the NOAA National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center will add two new categories.


Marguerite TortorelloForecasters get new system to manage ‘flood’ of weather data, improve forecasts
NOAA puts into operation Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor system developed at National Severe Storms Laboratory.


Heather WadeNOAA Sea Grant Awards $15.9 million for projects to build resilient coastal communities
Grants help coastal communities be more resilient to a range of natural hazards. image: see below


How the National Weather Service Works to Reach the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
While technology has changed, the need for accessible weather warnings has not.


NOAA’s weather forecasts go hyper local with next-generation weather model
High-Resolution Rapid Refresh will help forecasters predict a storm’s path, timing and intensity better than ever.


Marguerite Tortorello People of WRN: Marguerite Tortorello
Property Casualty Insurers Association of America is committed to building a Weather-Ready Nation. image: can you create a thumbnail of Marguerite?...


Heather WadeNew mission for the Global Hawk
NOAA is testing data collected by unmanned aircraft to improve weather forecast operation.


Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Lighting Safety for Outdoor Venues
Guidance for event organizers on keeping spectators safe from lightning...


Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Going Beyond Forecasts and Warnings (AccuWeather)
NWS Director Dr. Louis Uccellini hopes to see communities across the country become better prepared and informed about extreme weather...


Summer of research to improve hurricane forecasting
Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 helps support research to improve severe weather forecasting...


Heather WadeWeather Ready Nation: An update from Louis Uccellini
The NWS Director discusses forecast improvements, social media and partnerships.


NWS Seeks Comments on EM Decision Support Document
Comments from emergency managers and other stakeholders due by August 31...


Pilots: Got Weather?
The National Weather Service has joined the FAA and the general aviation community’s eight month "Got Weather?" national safety campaign...


Paramount Pictures Helps NOAA Build a Weather-Ready Nation (video)
NOAA teamed up with Paramount to "flood" the public with weather safety advice for a screening of the film Noah....


People of Weather-Ready Nation: Heather Wade
As a Coastal Planning Specialist, Heather Wade helps communities plan for the future....


Are you Weather-Ready? (video)
NOAA's National Weather Service and the National Environmental Education Foundation ask you to become Weather-Ready ...


NOAA honors New York farmer for 84 years of service as volunteer weather observer
When Richard G. Hendrickson logged his first weather observation, Herbert Hoover occupied the White House...


Ten Dangers at the Beach
Plan your summer beach visit with safety tips from NOAA's National Ocean Service...


Atlanta Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Moves City into Gear
After a crippling snowstorm, Atlanta knew that it had to do better...


Historical Hurricane Tracks
This interactive mapping application easily searches and displays global tropical cyclone data. ...


NOAA predicts near-normal or below-normal 2014 Atlantic hurricane season
El Niño expected to develop and suppress the number and intensity of tropical cyclones ...



The People of Weather- Ready Nation: Logan Johnson, NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist
The People of Weather-Ready Nation is an interview series that profiles the people responsible for building a Weather-Ready Nation. ...


Weather-Ready Nation: International
Strengthening partnerships for a Weather-Ready Nation doesn't stop at our borders. We are all in this together. ...


White House releases third National Climate Assessment
Report: Climate change affecting every region of USA, key sectors of economy. ...


Slow slosh of warm water across Pacific hints El Niño is brewing
On a global scale, no other single phenomenon has a greater influence on whether a year will be warmer, cooler, wetter, or drier than average. ...


Presidential Message: America's PrepareAthon PDF File [PDF]
By planning for severe weather and other emergencies, you can protect yourself and your family and contribute to your community's preparedness. ...


NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan named to TIME 100 List of Most Influential People
John Glenn calls her "the world's weatherwoman" and "the right person for the right job at the right time." ...


Adam Clark wins prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
Meteorologist is recognized as a pioneer in the development of the next generation of weather models that will predict individual thunderstorms over large parts of the globe. ...


Researcher Receives Presidential Early Career Award
Scott Weaver recognized for his work to link regional and large-scale climate variability and climate change. ...


Launch of DMSP-19 satellite means more data for NOAA weather forecasts
Since the mid-1960's, the DMSP's low earth-orbiting satellites have provided the military and civilian communities with important and reliable environmental information.  ... nominated for Webby Awards
NOAA site nominated in both the 'Government' and 'Green' categories. ...


How can paleoclimatology tell us about drought?
Climate records from tree rings, lake and dune sediments, historical records, and archaeological remains provide information about past droughts.. ...


Launch of
Climate initiative will make federal data about our climate more open, accessible, and useful to citizens, decision-makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. ...


NOAA Sponsors National Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 23-29
President Obama joins with NOAA to ask people to know their tsunami risk and prepare in case one were to strike. ...


Remembering the Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of 1964
The most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North America occurred 50 years ago, on March 27, 1964. With a magnitude of 9.2, "The Great Alaska Earthquake" caused massive tsunamis ...


NOAA Releases 2014 Spring Outlook
According to NOAA's Spring Outlook released today, rivers in half of the continental United States are at minor or moderate risk of exceeding flood levels this spring with the highest threat in ...


FEMA and NOAA: Floods Happen Everywhere, Be Prepared
During Flood Safety Awareness Week, March 16 to 22, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Federal Emergency Management . ...


Aviation Weather Center to debut web page upgrades
The NWS Aviation Weather Center will roll out a design refresh of the center's website on March 25, 2014. Users will be able to access and comment on the upgrade ...


NOAA’s Newest Weather Model Provides Clearer, Faster Forecast of Severe Weather
Later this year, NOAA’s National Weather Service will usher into daily operations a sophisticated model called the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh, or HRRR, that will update forecasts hourly ...


NWS Eastern Region Provides Decision Support for Super Bowl XLVIII
Amidst thousands of fans and a flurry of activity in the nation’s largest metropolitan area, the National Weather Service coordinated with emergency management operations for Super Bowl XLVII


Radio hour brings weather readiness across borders
Once each month, NWS Forecaster Maria Torres takes the microphone to participate in “La Hora Comunitaria” (Community Hour), a Spanish–language interview and call-in program that reaches across the Rio Grande.


"Turn Around Don't Drown" Turns Ten
Flooding remains one of the top weather killers in the U.S., with the average number of annual fatalities totaling near 90. More than half of these fatalities are vehicle-related.


Weather-Ready Nation: Two Years in Review
From massive supercomputers to innovative pilot projects, NOAA pursued a comprehensive strategy to build a Weather-Ready Nation through 2011 and into 2013


NWS Helps Countries Forecast Typhoons and Other Disasters
With the devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan in early November of 2013, many asked the question – how does the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) play a part in world weather events?


Lapenta named director of NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction
NCEP delivers national and global weather, water, climate and space weather guidance, forecasts, warnings and analyses to help save lives and protect property.


Southwest Airlines Teams Up with NOAA to Improve Weather Forecasting
Water Vapor Sensing Systems provide real-time humidity data when aircraft takeoff and land at airports around the country.


Winter is Coming: Be Ready
Help spread the word about staying safe this winter with Game of Thrones-inspired eCards from the Centers for Disease Control.


Federal Faces: Andrea Bleistein
The Washington Post profiles the Weather-Ready Nation road map execution manager.


Winter Weather Survival Tips
Are you ready for winter weather? Learn what you can do to prepare for winter storms and extreme cold.


Media Roundup: November 17 Tornadoes
Weather warnings distributed through traditional and social media saved lives during a deadly outbreak of tornadoes.


NWS Director Louis Uccellini Addresses Super Typhoon Haiyan and Climate Change
In the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan, many have asked whether there’s a link between the intensity of Haiyan and climate change. It’s a question that National Weather Service Director Louis ...


National Drought Resilience Partnership to help communities prepare for drought
The National Drought Resilience Partnership will make it easier to access Federal drought resources, and will help link information such as monitoring, forecasts, outlooks, and ...


Why did Earth’s surface temperature stop rising in the past decade?
During the last decade, a longer than usual solar minimum cycle, several volcanic eruptions, and relatively low amounts of water vapor in the stratosphere may have helped cool the atmosphere ...


NOAA Sea Grant Helps Build a Weather-Ready Nation
Between 1970 and 2010, the population of the U.S. coastal watersheds has increased by 45 percent to a total of 164 million, or 52 percent of the nation's population. Learn how NOAA Sea Grant helps coastal communities prepare for and respond.


Remembering the November 1913 "White Hurricane"
Hurricane force winds on the Great Lakes led to the largest inland maritime disaster in U.S. history.


Executive Order -- Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change
On November 1, 2103, President Obama signed an Executive Order to strengthen the Nation’s preparedness for and resilience to the impacts of climate change.


Primary GOES-R instrument cleared for installation onto spacecraft
The Advanced Baseline Imager is GOES-R’s primary instrument for scanning Earth’s weather, oceans, and environment and is a significant improvement over instruments on NOAA’s current geostationary satellites.


November 2013 Drought Outlook
Drought improvement or removal is anticipated across south central and eastern Texas and along the middle and lower Mississippi Valley, while drought development is possible across parts of the Southeast.


NOAA invests $1.3 million with university and federal researchers for hurricane forecasting advances
These important projects will help improve the information and tools that NOAA forecasters and researchers use to forecast tropical cyclones that impact the U.S.


Weather State of the Nation: August 2013
28th warmest month on record as 50% of the contiguous U.S experienced drought conditions, up 4.5 percent since the end of July.


NOAA's Historical Hurricanes Track
New online tool displays more than 150 years of historical hurricane landfalls.


Emergency Response Specialists Keep Scouts Safe
The 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree was held at its new home at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Glen Jean, W.Va., from July 15 through 24.


After 10 years of service, NOAA retires GOES-12 satellite
GOES-12 has seen it all, from Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, to the Christmas blizzard that crippled the Central United States in 2009.


Commerce Agencies Participate in Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force
Strategy serves as a model for communities across the nation facing greater risks from extreme weather and to continue helping the Sandy-affected region rebuild.


Estuaries: Coastal Climate Change Bellwethers
New report highlights the key role of national estuaries in monitoring effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems


Tweet Chat Archive: National Hurricane Center
A recap of the August 13, 2013, #HurriChat with the NOAA National Hurricane Center on hurricane preparedness and forecasting.

NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets
Ready reference fact sheets containing phone numbers and Web site information residents can use during potentially life-threatening weather emergencies.

Scientists launch balloons to study thunderstorms
Project designed to learn more about how lightning works.


U.S. Drought Monitor
View regional and state-specific drought conditions.


This Month in Climate History: Earth's Hottest Temperature
Death Valley holds the record for the world’s highest surface air temperature ever recorded.