National Flood Safety Awareness Week: March 16-22, 2014

Flood Safety Awareness Week PosterOn average, flooding causes more property damage in the United States than any other weather related event. It is a threat to life and property that can occur in any of the fifty states or U.S. territories at any time of year.  In 2013, the nation watched as deadly floods from severe storms impacted the Great Plains during May and record rainfall caused devastating flooding in Colorado in September.  Last year, 85 people lost their lives to freshwater flooding. More than half of those fatalities were a result of people driving into floodwaters. On average, there are 89 fatalities and $8.3 billion in damages annually.

During National Flood Safety Awareness Week, March 16-22, 2014, NOAA and FEMA will highlight the importance of preparing for a flood before it strikes and teach the actions you should take when faced with a flooding situation. This week we ask that you Be a Force of Nature by knowing your risk, taking action and being an example where you live. Following these simple steps year round can help keep you and your loved ones safe when hazardous weather strikes. Keep tabs on the local forecast, create a disaster supplies kit, and alert others via texts and social media when a flood threat or other hazardous weather threat exists! 

Online Marketing Toolkit

Whether you're a blogger, reporter or social media superstar, you can help spread the word during National Flood Safety Awareness Week. The materials listed below are free to use in print publications, online news stories and even Facebook. Help the National Weather Service and FEMA build a Weather-Ready Nation, one that is prepared for severe weather whenever and wherever it occurs.

Flood Safety Information - Find out what to do before, during and after a flood by visiting our newly redesigned Flood Safety website!

Daily NWS Web Posts - Use these posts on your own blog or website to let readers know about flood safety and preparedness.
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News Article - Send this article about the 10th Anniversary of the Turn Around Don't Drown Campaign to your hometown newspaper or post it to your website to help NWS spread the word.

Social Media Plan - Get tweets and Facebook posts you can use during the week.

Spring Flood Outlook - Find out where and when flooding is most likely to occur in the U.S. over the next few months. 

Wireless Emergency Alerts - Find out about alerts that may be sent to your smart phone when Flash Flood Warnings and other hazardous weather warnings are issued nearby. 

Follow Us! - @NOAA, @NWS and @OwlieSkywarnNWS will be using #FloodSafety this week for Flood Safety Awareness Posts.

Poster - Grab the National Flood Safety Awareness Week poster.

Facebook Cover Graphic - Change your Facebook cover photo to the National Flood Safety Awareness Week poster.

Be a Force of Nature Graphic - Download the Be a Force of Nature graphic for use in social media and blog posts.

Flood Safety and Preparedness Advice

Do you know how to protect yourself, family, pets and property from floodwaters? Get practical advice from the National Weather Service on surviving a flood.

Being prepared for a flood can not only help keep your family safe, it can also help minimize potential flood damage and quicken recovery efforts. FloodSmart, a campaign from FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program, educates communities nationwide about the risk of flooding and the importance of flood insurance. Visit to learn more about flood insurance and financially protecting your home and possessions before a flood happens.

Flood Safety and Preparedness Advice for Workers and Employers

Floods pose unique hazards for workers and employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides resources for workplace preparedness for and response to severe weather emergencies, including floods. OSHA also provides information for workers involved in response and recovery operations for severe weather events. OSHA and NOAA encourage workers and employers to be aware of weather forecasts so that they can be better prepared.

In addition to National Flood Safety Preparedness Week, many states have their own severe weather preparedness weeks. Check the Weather Awareness Events Calendar to find yours.

Different times of the year bring different weather dangers. In addition to National Flood Safety Awareness Week, we encourage you to be prepared by participating in the following national awareness and preparedness weeks:

Flood Awareness Week
Tsunami Awareness Week
Air Quality Awareness Week
Safe Boating Week
Heat Awareness Day
Hurricane Preparedness Week
Rip Current Awareness Week
Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Mar 16-22, 2014
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