Be Summer Weather-Ready!

Date Posted: June 18, 2014
Be a Force of Nature

This summer, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) asks you to Be A Force of Nature! by becoming Summer Weather-Ready. Help us spread the word to ensure that everyone stays safe this summer! Summer in the northern hemisphere begins June 21 and lasts until September 23. It's an active season for people, the atmosphere and the oceans. People stay out later and longer, and more storms spin up. This combination provides us the opportunity for lots of fun, outdoor activities, but it also increases our risk to certain environmental hazards. NOAA wants to raise the nation's awareness to be Summer Weather-Ready!

So when you are walking or playing sports, attending summer camps, vacationing, or having general fun with friends and family, make sure you know your risks and are prepared to take action against heat distress, poor air quality, lightning strikes, wildfires, floods, rip currents, hurricanes and tornadoes… just to name a few.

Considering this list, can you say already that you and those in your care (including pets) are Summer Weather-Ready? NOAA wants you to “Be A Force of Nature!” and be prepared at home, camp, vacation, and wherever your travels take you. Spread the word with #BeAForce on Twitter.

Use the Summer Weather-Ready Social Media Plan for preparedness suggestions to promote safety during severe weather and at the beach. Share the knowledge and Be A Force of Nature! Be Summer Weather-Ready!

Follow Us! - @NOAA, @NWS, @OwlieSkywarnNWS NWS will be using #BeAForce this summer for Summer Weather-Ready Posts.

Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit (

Learn about NOAA Weather Radio’s All Hazards real-time updates for your location. Purchases are possible at major retailers and online sources.

Remember your pets! Prepare your pets and animals in your care (The Humane Society).