From Space to You

NOAA satellites are observing the Earth 24 hours a day to provide data that support the weather forecasts and warnings that Americans benefit from every day. This visualization provides a basic overview of that process - how data and information flows from out in space and into your life.
Game teaches students weather-readiness

PLAN!T NOW and its partners, which include the National Weather Service, have introduced the Young Meteorologist Program (YMP), a free digital program that will teach students across the United States about severe weather facts and safety. Designed for students in grades 3-8, YMP is built around a game that follows the main character, Owlie, through five severe weather challenges as he, and the player, try to earn a Young Meteorologist Certificate. Through learning about hurricanes, lightning, floods, tornadoes and winter storms, players will learn how to be prepared for real-life severe weather and natural hazards.
Vital Conversation centers on physical, social science integration

Produced by NOAA Weather Partners in Norman, OK
FAQ: What's a Watch?

What's a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch?" "How's it different from a warning?" "What actions should be taken when a watch is issued?" Get the answers to these frequently asked questions in this video produced by NOAA Weather Partners in Norman, Okla.

Wireless Emergency Alerts - English

When danger is imminent, will you be prepared? Now, many mobile devices can bring you critical information from local sources you trust. With a unique sound and vibration … Wireless Emergency Alerts keep you in the know, wherever you are.

Wireless Emergency Alerts - Español
¿Está usted preparado para un peligro inminente? Hoy día, muchos dispositivos móviles pueden ofrecerte información crítica de fuentes locales en las que confías. Con una alerta de sonido y vibración Alertas Inalámbricas de Emergencia te mantienen al tanto donde estés.