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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2108:15Calm10.00NANA7575 30.00NA
2107:55Calm7.00NANA7575 30.00NA
2107:35Calm7.00NANA7575 30.00NA
2107:15Calm10.00NANA7775 30.01NA
2106:55Calm7.00NANA7775 30.01NA
2106:35Calm7.00NANA7775 30.01NA
2106:15Calm10.00NANA7975 30.01NA
2105:55Calm10.00NANA7975 30.01NA
2105:35Calm10.00NANA7975 30.02NA
2105:15Calm10.00NANA7977 30.03NA
2104:55Calm10.00NANA8177 30.03NA
2104:35Calm10.00NANA8177 30.03NA
2104:15Calm7.00NANA7977 30.04NA
2103:55Calm7.00NANA7979 30.04NA
2103:35Calm7.00NANA7979 30.03NA
2103:15Calm10.00NANA7979 30.03NA
2102:55Calm10.00NANA7979 30.03NA
2102:35Calm7.00NANA7979 30.03NA
2102:15Calm7.00NANA7979 30.01NA
2101:55Calm10.00NANA8179 30.00NA
2101:35Calm10.00NANA8179 30.00NA
2101:15Calm10.00NANA8179 29.99NA
2100:55Calm10.00NANA8181 29.98NA
2100:35Calm10.00NANA8281 29.98NA
2100:15Calm10.00NANA8281 29.98NA
2023:55Calm10.00NANA8481 29.98NA
2023:35Calm10.00NANA8681 29.97NA
2023:15Calm10.00NANA8879 29.96NA
2022:35Calm7.00NANA9177 29.95NA
2022:15Calm10.00NANA9175 29.96NA
2021:15Calm10.00NANA9377 29.96NA
2020:35Calm10.00NANA9379 29.97NA
2020:15Calm5.00 HazeNA9377 29.97NA
2019:15Calm10.00NANA9179 29.97NA
2018:55Calm10.00NANA9177 29.98NA
2018:35Calm10.00NANA9179 29.98NA
2018:15Calm10.00NANA9177 29.99NA
2017:55W 310.00NANA9179 29.99NA
2017:35Calm10.00NANA9077 29.99NA
2017:15SW 510.00NANA9079 30.00NA
2016:55SW 610.00NANA9079 29.99NA
2016:35W 37.00NANA9077 29.99NA
2016:15Calm7.00NANA8877 29.99NA
2014:15Calm7.00NANA8277 30.00NA
2012:35W 37.00NANA7775 29.97NA
2012:15SW 55.00 Fog/MistNA7575 29.97NA
2011:55Calm5.00 Fog/MistNA7575 29.97NA
2011:35Calm5.00 Fog/MistNA7575 29.95NA
2011:15Calm5.00 Fog/MistNA7573 29.95NA
2010:55Calm7.00NANA7573 29.94NA
2010:35Calm7.00NANA7575 29.93NA
2010:15Calm5.00 Fog/MistNA7575 29.92NA
2009:55Calm7.00NANA7575 29.91NA
2009:35Calm7.00NANA7575 29.91NA
2009:15SW 37.00NANA7575 29.90NA
2008:35Calm7.00NANA7575 29.90NA
2008:15Calm7.00NANA7575 29.90NA
2007:55W 37.00NANA7575 29.91NA
2007:35Calm7.00NANA7775 29.90NA
2007:15W 67.00NANA7775 29.90NA
2006:55W 610.00NANA7775 29.90NA
2006:35W 57.00NANA7775 29.89NA
2006:15SW 77.00NANA7775 29.90NA
2005:55SW 57.00NANA7775 29.90NA
2005:15Calm7.00NANA7775 29.91NA
2004:15SW 87.00NANA7977 29.91NA
2002:35Calm10.00NANA7977 29.90NA
1922:35SW 910.00NANA8877 29.85NA
1922:15SW 87.00NANA8877 29.85NA
1918:55SW 910.00NANA9075 29.85NA
1918:15SW 8 G 1710.00NANA9077 29.87NA
1917:55W 9 G 2210.00NANA9077 29.87NA
1917:35SW 13 G 175.00 HazeNA9075 29.88NA
1916:15W 610.00NANA8875 29.90NA
1915:55SW 610.00NANA8675 29.91NA
1915:35SW 610.00NANA8675 29.92NA
1915:15W 710.00NANA8675 29.92NA
1914:55SW 610.00NANA8475 29.92NA
1914:35SW 12 G 1710.00NANA8275 29.92NA
1914:15W 910.00NANA8275 29.92NA
1913:35SW 610.00NANA7973 29.91NA
1912:55W 87.00NANA7773 29.90NA
1911:15SW 77.00NANA7573 29.88NA
1907:55SW 67.00NANA7575 NANA
1901:55SW 12 G 232.50 Thunderstorm Heavy RainNA7373 NANA0.74
1823:35W 14 G 232.00 Thunderstorm Heavy RainNA7573 29.90NA1.21
1822:15SW 87.00 Thunderstorm in VicinityNA9177 29.82NA
1821:55SW 810.00 Thunderstorm in VicinityNA9177 29.82NA
1821:15SW 510.00NANA9377 29.82NA
1820:55SW 910.00NANA9377 29.83NA
1820:35SW 810.00NANA9177 29.84NA
1820:15W 510.00NANA9177 29.85NA
1819:55SW 610.00NANA9177 29.85NA
1819:35SW 710.00NANA9177 29.87NA
1818:35SW 310.00NANA9177 29.89NA
1818:15W 510.00NANA9177 29.90NA
1817:55W 610.00NANA9377 29.91NA
1817:35SW 910.00NANA9177 29.91NA
1817:15SW 910.00NANA9177 29.93NA
1816:55SW 610.00NANA9077 29.93NA
1816:35Calm10.00NANA9079 29.93NA
1816:15W 610.00NANA9077 29.94NA
1815:55SW 10 G 1710.00NANA9079 29.94NA
1815:35SW 810.00NANA8879 29.95NA
1814:55W 37.00NANA8677 29.95NA
1813:55W 510.00NANA8477 29.95NA
1813:15SW 87.00NANA8275 29.96NA
1812:55W 610.00NANA8175 29.96NA
1812:35Calm10.00NANA8175 29.96NA
1812:15SW 610.00NANA7975 29.96NA
1811:55SW 77.00NANA7775 29.96NA
1811:35SW 57.00NANA7775 29.96NA
1811:15SW 67.00NANA7775 29.96NA
1810:55SW 57.00NANA7775 29.95NA
1810:35Calm7.00NANA7775 29.95NA
1810:15Calm10.00NANA7775 29.95NA
1809:55Calm7.00NANA7775 29.95NA
1809:35SW 310.00NANA7975 29.96NA
1809:15SW 510.00NANA7975 29.95NA
1808:55SW 510.00NANA7975 29.95NA
1808:35SW 610.00NANA7975 29.95NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.altimeter
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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