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Communication Identifier Definition References

These references list the defined entries for the various parts of NWS Communication Identifiers including the WMO heading and AWIPS Identifier.

NCEP GRIB products can be defined by using Office Note 388 (ON388).

Updated Title/Description
Dec 08, 2014 CID XR-00 Message Scheme - NWS Communications Identifiers

Establishes documents where specific information will be found

April 27, 2017 CID XR-04 Cat X-ref by NNN - NWS Communications Identifiers, Excel format

Product category/WMO heading cross-reference sorted by product category (NNN)

April 27, 2017 CID XR-05 Cat X-ref by TT - NWS Communications Identifiers, Excel format

Product Category WMO heading cross-reference sorted by T1T2 of the WMO heading

Mar 24, 2010 CID XR-06 ii vs State X-ref - NWS Communications Identifiers

For the second i of the ii group, ii vs State Cross-Reference by geographic areas

Mar 16, 2017 CID XR-07 Center Identifiers List - NWS Communications Identifiers

Center/national identifiers by CCCC

Sep 18, 2013 CID XR-08 CCCC Identifiers List - NWS Communications Identifiers, Excel Format

NWS site identifiers (CCCC) list

Sep 18, 2013 CID XR-09 CCC Identifiers List - NWS Communications Identifiers, Excel format

NWS site identifiers (CCC NODES) list

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