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Heading Reference

The Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Model forecast guidance is produced 
by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and is provided to 
the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).  The air quality forecast guidance is
also available on NWS servers to users.

For Additional information, go to the National Air Quality Forecast Capability web page.

WMO Headings have the format of T1T2A1A2ii CCCC .

The CCCC for all CMAQ product WMO headings is KWBP .

The T1 for all CMAQ product WMO headings is Z .

CMAQ Data Type Designator (T2)

L = 8-hour Backward Average
M = 1-hour Backward Average
N = 8-hour Averaged Categorical Ozone Concentration
O = 1-hour Averaged Categorical Ozone Concentration

CMAQ Time Designator (A1A2)

AA= 0-Hour Forecast
AB= 1-Hour Forecast
AC= 2-Hour Forecast
AD= 3-hour Forecast
AE= 4-Hour Forecast
AF= 5-Hour Forecast
AG= 6-Hour Forecast
AH= 7-Hour Forecast
AI= 8-Hour Forecast
AJ= 9-Hour Forecast
AK= 10-Hour Forecast
AL= 11-Hour Forecast
AM= 12-Hour Forecast
AN= 13-Hour Forecast
AO= 14-Hour Forecast
AP= 15-Hour Forecast
AQ= 16-Hour Forecast
AR= 17-Hour Forecast 
AS= 18-Hour Forecast
AT= 19-Hour Forecast
AU= 20-Hour Forecast
AV= 21-Hour Forecast
AW= 22-Hour Forecast
AX= 23-Hour Forecast
AY= 24-Hour Forecast
AZ= 25-Hour Forecast
BA= 26-Hour Forecast
BB= 27-Hour Forecast
BC= 28-Hour Forecast
BD= 29-Hour Forecast
BE= 30-Hour Forecast
BF= 31-Hour Forecast
BG= 32-Hour Forecast
BH= 33-Hour Forecast
BI= 34-Hour Forecast
BJ= 35-Hour Forecast
BK= 36-Hour Forecast
BL= 37-Hour Forecast
BM= 38-Hour Forecast
BN= 39-Hour Forecast
BO= 40-Hour Forecast
BP= 41-Hour Forecast
BQ= 42-Hour Forecast BR= 43-Hour Forecast
BS= 44-Hour Forecast
BT= 45-Hour Forecast
BU= 46-Hour Forecast
BV= 47-Hour Forecast
BW= 48-Hour Forecast
CMAQ Area Designator (ii) 0-9 = Global 10-19 = Regional 20-29 = CONUS 30-39 = OCONUS 40-99 = National (41 = Northeast)

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