DM05-16.02 Termination of the NWS Weather.Noaa.Gov (WNG) Web, Service effective June 15, 2016
Effective: 2016/06/15 UTC

NOXX10 KWBC 191333
Data Mgt Message 05-16.02

To:  AWIPS/NOAAPort Users. Emergency Managers Weather
     Information Network /EMWIN/ National Weather Services
     /NWS/ Customers. WAFS Users.  GTS Users. NWS Fax Chart

From:  RTH Washington Data Management

Subject:  Termination of the NWS Weather.Noaa.Gov (WNG) Web
          Service effective June 15, 2016

The NWS will eliminate the web service found at the following
address effective June 15, 2016:

Comments on this change were requested via the following notice:

After addressing all questions, comments and feedback, a
decision was made to terminate the service.

This legacy web site was launched over a decade ago to provide
accessibility to NWS weather products for the general public.
The WNG website will be decommissioned as part of the
NWSTG Re-Architecture project. The WNG web site is obsolete
because NWS site is now the primary hub for NWS web
services and data products. A list of options available for
obtaining weather data normally found via the WNG URL is
provided below.

WNG Site Data Link: Alternative Links         
United States Weather:
Radar Graphics:  
Weather Maps:    
International Weather:
Aviation Weather:
United States Weather:
Marine Weather:  

For questions or comments on this notice, please contact:

Kevin Conaty
Silver Spring, MD 20910

National Service Change Notices are online at:

For NOAAPORT and NON-AWIPS Customers - if you have any
questions regarding distribution or would like to add these
products to your datastream please contact Data Management

This information is also posted on the NWS Data Management
change notices web page. the url is listed below.

Data Management
NCO Implementation & Data Services Branch Silver Spring
GISC/RTH Washington Sends

US Dept of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration

National Weather Service
Office of Operational Systems (OPS31)
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