DM09-16.01 EDIS and FTPMail servers in College Park are live.
Effective: 2016/09/07 17Z UTC

NOXX10 KWBC 071941
Data Mgt Message 09-16.01

To:  AWIPS/NOAAPort Users. Emergency Managers Weather
     Information Network /EMWIN/ National Weather Services
     /NWS/ Customers. WAFS Users.  GTS Users. NWS Fax Chart

From:  RTH Washington Data Management

Subject:  EDIS and FTPMail servers in College Park are live.

As of 1700z today (9/7/16), the EDIS and FTPMail servers in
College Park are live. These servers are monitored at The new servers
will run in parallel to the old servers until 10/6/16, at
which time the old servers will be shut down and will no
longer be able to receive email messages.

New users will no longer be added to the servers in Silver
Spring. All new EDIS users must sign up for a PIN. The
initial statement on this may be found at:

The link in this document takes the user to a form where they
can enter their information and receive a PIN. A new SCN for
EDIS is being finished and will be sent soon.

FTPMail users do not need a PIN to request data. The SCN for
FTPMail may be found at:

Thanks and if you have any questions, let me know,


Scott Jacobs

For NOAAPORT and NON-AWIPS Customers - if you have any
questions regarding distribution or would like to add these
products to your datastream please contact Data Management

This information is also posted on the NWS Data Management
change notices web page. the url is listed below.

Data Management
NCO Production Management Branch Silver Spring
GISC/RTH Washington Sends

US Dept of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration

National Weather Service
Office of Operational Systems (OPS31)
1325 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
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