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Datastream Product Categories

The EMWIN system contains many categories of weather data products. The current EMWIN datastream contains all generally available public products from the NWS Telecommunications Gateway, including the following product categories:


Environmental/Air Pollution, Hydrological/Marine, Surface, Miscellaneous

Climatic Products

Daily Surface, Monthly Surface, Miscellaneous


Aviation Terminal, Aviation Area, Flash Flood Guidance, Headwater Guidance, Hydrological, Iceberg, Local/Area, Miscellaneous, Public, Recreation/Travelers, River, Shipping Area


GOES satellite


Civil Emergency Messages, Public Information Statements


Surface (METAR), Radar, Seismic, Synoptic, Hydrological River, Drifting Buoy, Ice

Severe Weather

Warnings, Watches, Summaries, Statements, Advisories


Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, River Flood, Lakeshore/Marine, Typhoon/Hurricane, Marine/Coastal Flood, Tsunami/Tide


These "readable text" products, include the local and national watches and warnings, and many other reports and forecasts. Click here for the list of files that are sent from the NWS TG into the EMWIN system.


These are images that depict national radar, cloud cover and many other weather conditions.

These products can alternately be classified by their "display" type, plus their 3-character product "filename" abbreviation:

Prefix  Name 
------  ----- 
ADM Administrative Message 
AFD Area Forecast Discussion
AIR  Upper Air (Data)
APT Polar Orbiter Images
ASH Volcanic/FIRE Warnings and reports
AWS Area Weather Summary
CEM  Civil Emergency Message 
CFW  Coastal Flood Warning 
CLI  Climate Reports - Daily
CLM Climate Reports - Monthly
CMP Composite Images(CMPALLUS.GIF)
CMP Compressed Files (CMPMxxxx.ZAG)
CWF  Coastal Waters Forecast
DY1 Day One Convective Outlook
DY2  Day Two Convective Outlook
ELN El Nino images
EMA Emergency manager activation msg.
EML Email (wireless)
EPH Ephemeris data for satellite orbits 
EQR  Earthquake Data
ESF  Flood Potential
ESS  Water Supply Forecast
FAA  Aviation Reports (Pilot briefs) 
FEE Feedback to all users
FFA Flash Flood Warning
FFS Flash Flood Statement 
FFW Flash Flood Warning 
FLN  National Flood Summary
FLW  Flood Warning 
FWF  Fire Weather Forecast
GLF Great Lakes Forecast
GLO Great Lake Outlook
GLS  Great Lakes Summary
GMS GMS Satellite Images
GO9 GOES 9 Satellite Images
G10 GOES 10 Satellite Images
GPH  Graphic Files (AFOS Graphics)
HAA Hurricane Probabilities Atlantic
HAD Hurricane Discussion Atlantic
HAF Hurricane Forecast Advisory Atlantic
HAM Hurricane NCEP Model Comparison Atlantic
HAP Hurricane Public Advisory Atlantic
HAS Hurricane Monthly Summary Atlantic
HAT NCEP Tropical Discussion Atlantic
HAW Tropical Weather Outlook Atlantic
HEA Hurricane Probabilities East Pacific
HED Hurricane Discussion East Pacific
HEF Hurricane Forecast Advisory East Pacific
HEM Hurricane NCEP Model Comparison East Pacific
HEP Hurricane Public Advisory East Pacific
HES Hurricane Monthly Summary East Pacific
HET NCEP Tropical Discussion East Pacific
HEW Tropical Weather Outlook East Pacific
HFF High Seas Forecast 
HLS  Hurricane Local Statement 
HNA Hurricane Probabilities North Pacific
HND Hurricane Discussion North Pacific
HNF Hurricane Forecast Advisory North Pacific
HNM Hurricane NCEP Model Comparison North Pacific
HNP Hurricane Public Advisory North Pacific
HNS Hurricane Monthly Summary North Pacific
HNT NCEP Tropical Discussion North Pacific
HNW Tropical Weather Outlook North Pacific
HSA Hurricane Probabilities South Pacific
HSD Hurricane Discussion South Pacific
HSF  Hurricane Forecast Advisory South Pacific
HSM Hurricane NCEP Model Comparison South Pacific
HSP Hurricane Public Advisory South Pacific
HST NCEP Tropical Discussion South Pacific
HSS Hurricane Monthly Summary South Pacific
HSW Tropical Weather Outlook South Pacific
HWA Hurricane Probabilities West Pacific
HWD Hurricane Discussion West Pacific
HWF Hurricane Forecast Advisory West Pacific
HWM Hurricane NCEP Model Comparison West Pacific
HWP Hurricane Public Advisory West Pacific
HWS Hurricane Monthly Summary West Pacific
HWT Hurricane NCEP Tropical Discussion West Pacific
HWU  Hazardous Weather Update
HWW Tropical Weather Outlook West Pacific
HTM HTML Documents
ICE  Ice Statement
IMG General Images (IMGALLUS.GIF)
INT  International Overviews
LGT Lightning Images
LSH  Lake Shore Forecast
LSR  Local Storm Report
MET Meteosat Images
MIS Miscellaneous Products
MOD Model Run Images
MWS  Marine Weather Statement 
NAH  Agriculture Products (Intn'l /National)
NSH  Near Shore Forecast 
NOW  NOWcasts (Short Term Forecast)
NPW  Non-precipitation Warning/Watch/Advisory 
OFF  Offshore Forecast
OMR  Other/Offshore Marine Reports
PAA  Pager Messages 
PNS  Public Information Statements
PRO  Propagation Reports
PSR  Post Storm Report 
REC  Recreation Forecasts
RER  Record Event Reports
RFW  Red Flag Warning (Fire Warning) 
RVA  River Summary 
RVR River Forecast
RVS  River Statement
RWS  Regional Weather Summary
SAH  Surface Observations (Data)
SAW Selected Area Watches 
SCS  Selected cities (scs11-scs14)
SEL Watch areas
SES Seismic/Earthquake Images
SFP  State Forecast
SHP Live Ship Reports
SIX 8 to 14  day outlook
SLS Areal update
SKY SKYWARN Activation Message
SMW  Special Marine Warning 
SPS  Special Weather Statement 
STP State Temp & Precip Reports
SUM  State Weather Summary
SVR  Severe Thunderstorm Warning 
SVS  Severe Weather Statement 
SWO  Severe Weather Outlook
SWR  State Weather Roundup
SWX  Space Weather (solar activity)
SYS System messages
TAF Aviation Terminal Forecasts/airports
TID Tide Data
TOR  Tornado Warning 
TRK Tracking Files (storm tracks)
TSU  Tsunami 
TVL  Travelers Forecasts
UVI National Ultra-Violet index
WSW  Winter Storm Warning/Watch/Advisory 
WWA  Weather Watch
ZFP  Zone Forecast

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