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US Cities [ciddmmyy]

DescriptionValid DateSize (bytes)
Cities and towns for U.S. and Territories 8 August 2012Download Compressed Shapefile 2,345,005 Change Log Metadata

File Specifications:

Filename: ciddmmyy .shp,.shx,.dbf where shp, shx, dbf are the 3 components of a shapefile.
Shapefile Type: point
Source : FSL, NWS, and Census


# records:40,768
field nametypewidth,decdescription
st_fipscharacter4State FIPS Code
sfipscharacter2State FIPS Code
county_fipcharacter4County FIPS Code
cfipscharacter4County FIPS Code
plfipscharacter7Place FIPS Code
county_fipcharacter4County FIPS Code
Idcharacter20Unique ID from GNIS
Namecharacter25Name of City
Lonnumber4,5longitude coordinate of city
Latnumber2,5latitude coordinate of city
pop_1990character20Population from 2000 Census
populationcharacter3/TD>Population from 2000 Census
Stcharacter2State Abbreviation
Statecharacter16State Name
Warngenlevcharacter16Used internally to denote type of city
Warngentypecharacter16Used internally to determine if city is point or polygon
Watchwarncharacter3Concatenation of Warngenlev and Warngen type
z_Watchwarncharacter16Concatenation of Warngenlev and Warngen type
Prog_disccharacter5AWIPS progressive disclosure value
z_prog_disccharacter5AWIPS progressive disclosure value
Elevationcharacter60Elevation of city in feet

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