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US States and Territories [s_ddmmyy]

Figure shows States and Territories in the Data Set

Description Valid date Available Version(s) Size (bytes) #Records MD5SUM Documentation
U.S. States and Territories 10 November 2015 Download Compressed Shapefile 21,234,893 57 b008c428f87da00e6eb38c4b752a4929 Change Log Metadata
11 August 2016 Download Compressed Shapefile 21,234,893 57 7E77EB59A81CAEB3573700E36517D4D7

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: s_ ddmmyy .shp/.shx/.dbf - where .shp, .shx, .dbf are the extensions of the 3 component files of the shapefile and .prj is the projection file.
Shapefile Type: polygon
Source: AWIPS Counties @ 1:2,000,000 for CONUS, Census TIGER95 polygons for Non CONUS.
Last Modified: 1 August 2007


field name type width,dec description
STATE character2 State abbrev [aa]
NAME character24 State name
FIPS character2 State FIPS Code [ss]
LON numeric 10,5Longitude of centroid [decimal degrees]
LAT numeric 9,5 Latitude of centroid [decimal degrees]


State abbreviations for OCONUS areas are:

AK Alaska
AH Aleutian Islands west of 169,30'W (Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone)
AS American Samoa
GU Guam
HI Hawaii
MP Marianas
PR Puerto Rico
UM Midway
VI Virgin Islands

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