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Interstate Highways of the U.S. [inddmmyy]

Description Valid Date Size (bytes)
Interstate Highways 15 October 2003 Download Compressed Shapefile 657,061 Change Log Metadata

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: inddmmyy .shp/.shx/.dbf - where .shp, .shx, .dbf are the extensions of the 3 component files of the shapefile.
Shapefile Type: polyline
Source: USGS National Atlas of the U.S., Map Data Layers Warehouse
Last Modified: 15 October 2003

File Suffix size (bytes)
*.dbf 2,114,942
*.shp 1,667,444
*.shx 82,628


# records: 10267
field nametypewidth,decdescription
FEATUREcharacter80Type of Road
ROUTEcharacter120Road Designation(s) (if any)
STATE_FIPScharacter2State Fips Code
STATEcharacter2State Abbreviation

Comments: This shapefile is identical to that in the USGS National Atlas with the following exceptions:
Storage type is zip
Retained only those attributes shown above
Interstate and Limited Access Highways extracted from the USGS set are in this shapefile. In addition several non interstates were added to the data set to retain compatability with the original AWIPS road data set. See the Change Log for details.
Road names have been abbreviated according to the following table:

Original TypeAbbreviated Type
Interstate I-
US Route US
State Route SR
Alternate Alt
Bypass Bp
Business Bus

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