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Highways of the U.S. [rdddmmyy]

DescriptionDateSize (bytes)
CONUS and Non CONUS 24 November 2003 Download Compressed Shapefile 4,039,380 Change Log Metadata

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: rdddmmyy .shp/.shx/.dbf - where .shp, .shx, .dbf are the extensions of the 3 component files of the shapefile. Shapefile Type: polyline
Source: USGS National Atlas of the U.S., Map Data Layers Warehouse
Last Modified: 24 November 2003

File Suffix size (bytes)
*.dbf 9,638,237
*.shp 9,950,860
*.shx 376,220


# records: 47015
field nametypewidth,decdescription
FEATUREcharacter80Type of Road
ROUTEcharacter120Road Designation(s) (if any)
STATE_FIPScharacter2State Fips Code
STATEcharacter2State Abbreviation

Comments: This shapefile is identical to that in the USGS National Atlas with the following exceptions:
Storage type is zip
Retained only those attributes shown above
Road names have been abbreviated according to the following table:

Original TypeAbbreviated Type
Interstate I-
US Route US
State Route SR
Alternate Alt
Bypass Bp
Business Bus

Metadata avaialable at the USGS site

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