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County-Public Forecast Zones Correlation File [a_ddmmyy.dbx]

This file is an ASCII "dump" in pipe ("|") delimited form, of a "master" shapefile maintained by AGMG for the maintenance of County, Public Forecast Zones, CWA boundaries, and Time zones. Each record represents a single polygon within the master file. Multiple polygons may exist for the same zone/county that contain the same attributes, but the lat and lon fields will be different as they are the centroid of the polygon. No attempt has been made to remove these seemingly duplicate entries from this text file. In addition, the coastal and offshore marine zone shapefiles are also "dumped" to this file.

Available version(s)

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: bp ddmmyy.dbx.
File Type: Text, delimited by pipes ("|")
Source: NWSI 10-507, NWSI 10-503


DescriptionValid dateAvailable version(s)Size (bytes)
County-Public Forecast Zones Correlation file (CONUS/OCONUS)
1 November 2016 Download Text File bp01nv16.dbx 373,913
4 April 2017 Download Text File bp04ap17.dbx 314,113
field name type width,dec description
STATE character2 [ss] State abbrev (US Postal Standard or Marine Zone two letter prefix)
ZONE character3 [zzz] Zone number
CWA character3 County Warning Area, from WSOM C-47
NAME character254 Zone name, from WSOM C-11
STATE_ZONEcharacter5 [sszzz] For Public Zones, state+zone number
For Marine Zones, complete zone id
COUNTYNAME character24 County name
FIPS character5 [ssccc] FIPS Code
TIME_ZONE character2 [tt] Time zone assignment (DOT)
FE_AREA character2 Geographic area of county
LAT numeric 9,5 Latitude of Centroid [decimal degrees]
LON numeric 10,5Longitude of Centroid [decimal degrees]


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