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Coastal & Offshore Marine Codes for EAS  [mareasddmmyy]
Coastal & Offshore Marine Codes for NWR  [marnwrddmmyy]
Coastal & Offshore Marine Area Names for EAS & NWR [marstddmmyy]

Overview of Coastal, Offshore and High Seas Marine Zones
Detailed view of the Marine Zones and access to forecasts.
Detailed view of the Offshore Zones and access to forecasts.

Description Valid Date Size (bytes)
Coastal & Offshore Marine Area & Zone Codes for EAS 
(Emergency Alert System) 
11 August 2016 Download/view text File
51,054 Change History - changes are tied to any changes made
to the NWS Coastal and offshore marine zones found here
Coastal & Offshore Marine 
Area & Zone Codes, including Marine Synopses, for NWR
(NOAA Weather Radio)
11 August 2016 Download/view Tex File
Coastal & Offshore Marine 
Area Names & Codes for EAS and NWR 
02 October 2007 Text File 1,256

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: mar xxx ddmmyy - where xxx is indicator for EAS, NWR, or ST
                                                                   and ddmmyy is file creation date
File type:  .txt (| delimited)
Source: Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services (OCWWS), NWSI 10-302
Last Modified: 18 March 2004
# of Records 
Codes for EAS Application  mareas*.txt 419
Codes for NWR Application  marnwr*.txt  475
Marine Area Names and Codes for 
EAS & NWR Application
marst*.txt 15

Attributes:  for mareasddmmyy.txt and marnwrddmmyy.txt

field name  type  width,dec  description 
SSALPHA letter Marine Area 2-letter abbreviation (for Marine Area name, see [marstddmmyy] file)
SSCCC  numeric 5 Marine Area & Zone 5-digit identifier (FIPS State and County equivalent) 
ZONENAME  character  250  Name of Marine Zone/Marine Synopsis
LON  numeric  10,5  Longitude of Centroid [decimal degrees] 
LAT  numeric  9,5  Latitude of Centroid [decimal degrees] 

Attributes: for marstddmmyy.txt

field name  type  width,dec  description 
SSALPHA letter Marine Area 2-letter abbreviation (USPS State abbreviation equivalent) 
SSNUM  numeric 2 Marine Area 2-digit identifier (FIPS State equivalent) [SS]
ABBNAME  character  35  Abbreviated Name of Marine Area
AREANAME  character  250 Full Name of Marine Area 

Comments:  Without the help of all in OCWWS, WFOs and regions these files would not exist.

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