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Coastal Marine Zones [mzddmmyy]
Offshore Marine Zones [ozddmmyy]
High Seas Marine Zones [hzddmmyy]

Overview of Coastal, Offshore and High Seas Marine Zones
Detailed view of the Marine Zones and access to forecasts.
Detailed view of the Offshore Zones and access to forecasts.

Description Valid Date Available Version(s) Size (bytes) #Records MD5Sum Documentation
Coastal Marine Zones
Including the Great Lakes
11 August 2016 Download Compressed Shapefile mz11au16.zip 17,633,664 519 7E4E4919D8B92735F0B45736C4CFEE38 Change History Metadata
05 Dec 2017 Download Compressed Shapefile mz05de17.zip 23,466,420 500 D72D42297BF207A99A108CA15CD00881
Offshore Marine Zones 2 April 2013 Download Compressed Shapefile oz02ap13.zip 446,346 56 dad635dd76787aded5a4cc6845bb489a Change History Metadata
1 April 2014 Download Compressed Shapefile oz01ap14b.zip 456,128 80 dad635dd76787aded5a4cc6845bb489a
High Seas Zones 4 June 2014 Download Compressed Shapefile hz04jn14.zip 103,258 7 bf4dd06fac4db12013b9a606b2d5895f Change History Metadata

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: mz ddmmyy .shp/.shx/.dbf - where .shp, .shx, .dbf are the extensions of the 3 component files of the shapefile and .prj is the projection file.
Shapefile Type: polygon
Source: NWSI 10-302


field name type width,dec description
ID character 6 Marine Zone Identifier
WFO character 3 Assigned WFO (Office Identifier)
NAME character 250 Name of Marine Zone
LON numeric 10,5 Longitude of Centroid [decimal degrees]
LAT numeric 9,5 Latitude of Centroid [decimal degrees]

Comments: Due to increased lead time for implementation of offical changes, the current version and the new version of the shapefiles will not be available on this page.

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