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Public Forecast Zones [z_ddmmyy]

World view of all C-11 Public Forecast Zones

Figure shows NWSI 10-507 Public Forecast Zones continental United States (CONUS) and non CONUS Zones. This image is an overview of the zones and is NOT updated when zones are modified/created. IMAGES of CONUS zones and individual non CONUS Zones are available by clicking on the appropriate box:

CONUS Alaska Guam Hawaii Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands
Notice: GIF images are not updated with shapefile update

Changes to Public Forecast Zones are announced by the National Weather Service in Service Change Notifications issed by the Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services.
Description Valid date Available Version(s) Size (bytes) # Records MD5SUM Documentation
Public Forecast Zones... 1 November 2016 Download Compressed Shapefile 40,044,412 3740 644449e63736d658fb664b3b891a5e89 Change History Metadata
4 April 2017 Download Compressed Shapefile 40,399,409 3739 98f213054132976a625c26c0527997ac

File Specifications:

Naming Convention: z_ ddmmyy .shp/.shx/.dbf - where .shp, .shx, .dbf are the extensions of the 3 component files of the shapefile and .prj is the projection file.
Shapefile Type: polygon
Source: NWS Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services (OCWWS): NWSI 10-507.
Related Web Page: County-Zone Correlation File


field name type width,dec description
STATE character 2 [ss] State abbrev (US Postal Standard)
ZONE character 3 [zzz] Zone number, from WSOM C-11
CWA character 3 County Warning Area, from WSOM C-47
NAME character 254 Zone name, from WSOM C-11
STATE_ZONE character 5 [sszzz] state+("00"+zone.trim).right(3))
TIME_ZONE character 2 [tt] Time Zone, 2 chars if split
FE_AREA character 2 [aa] Cardinal area of state (occasional)
LON numeric 10,5 Longitude of centroid [decimal degrees]
LAT numeric 9,5 Latitude of centroid [decimal degrees]
SHORTNAME character 32 Shortened zone name


Due to the increased lead time for implementation of new zone files, the older version as well as the new version of the shapefile will be available from this page.

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