Date State City County Age Sex Location Activity Circumstance
1/10/2014 FL Delray Beach Palm Beach 90 M Canal Walking Fell into a canal while out for a walk
1/10/2014 FL Delray Beach Palm Beach 56 F Canal Driving Accidentally drove her car into a canal.
2/21/2014 KY Williamsburg Whitley 39 M Creek Driving Family drowned after high waters swept their car off the road, flipped it over, and carried the vehicle to a creek. Water was rushing 5ft over the the road.
2/21/2014 KY Williamsburg Whitley 29 F Creek Driving "
2/21/2014 KY Williamsburg Whitley 2 M Creek Driving "
4/5/2014 IN Powell Preserve Monroe 24 F Creek Driving Driver attempted to drive through high water on an infrequently travelled road. 
4/5/2014 IN Powell Preserve Monroe 5 M Creek Driving "
4/7/2014 LA Winn Winnfield 3 M Ditch Fishing A mother and her young son was fishing beside the flooded ditch on April 7th.  The boy slipped and fell into the ditch with a fast current flowing through the ditch at the time.  The boy drowned in the ditch.
4/7/2014 MS Yazoo City Yazoo 9 F Creek Playing Body discovered in a drainage canal not far from where she lived and was last seen playing in the flood waters.
4/8/2014 IN Bloomfield Greene 62 M Creek Fell in Victim may have been walking along the creek and simply fell into the water.
4/15/2014 ME Caswell Aroostook 74 M Road Driving Victim tried to drive truck through a flooded portion of Oliver Rd in Caswell. 
4/29/2014 FL Cantonment Escambia 67 F Road Driving Driving southbound on Hwy 29 and entered water across the roadway. Entered the western shoulder of the roadway and became submerged in deeper water.
4/30/2014 AL Foley Baldwin 67 M Road Driving Victim left his house and drove into some flooding near the airport.
5/2/2014 AL Lillian Baldwin 91 M Road Driving Person drove through a barrier and ran into a ravine created by the road failure. 
5/16/2014 VA Winchester Frederick 23 M Creek Driving Victim on way home from work. Believed to have tried to cross a bridge before falling victim to the rising waters.
5/27/2014 TX Lockhart Caldwell 3 F Creek Fell in Her and a friend were playing near a creek and fell in. Dad was in jail.
5/28/2014 LA Duplessis Ascension 56 M Parking Lot Fell in Business let people go home early because of flood waters in the parking lot. Supervisor found person under their car trapped in flood waters.
6/5/2014 TN Summertown Lawrence 72 M Road Driving Was going to get groceries when he drove his car into standing water. Tried to swim to safety but the pressure on his door was too much.
6/5/2014 TN Centerville Hickman 6 M Road Driving Family had been without power for two days, so the mother, grandmother and children went out to get something to eat. Mom tried to drive through flood waters and car was swept away.
6/7/2014 MO Revere Clark 68 M Creek Driving A 68 year old male drowned in Dumas Creek near Revere, Missouri when the pick-up truck he was driving was swept into the creek.
6/13/2014 TX Waco McLennan 18 M Field Driving Car was swept off Mars Drive near the Midway High School soccer fields.
6/17/2014 SD Belle Fourche Butte 24 F Road Driving Victim and a friend were driving on Hwy 85 and hit flash flood waters. Friend was found, but driver drowned. 
6/20/2014 NE Bellevue Sarpy 29 M Ditch Driving Victim drove his car into a flooded drainage ditch and was swept away in fast moving water.
6/23/2014 TX Canadian Hemphill 6 F River Horseback Drowned while horseback riding.
6/23/2014 TX Can Hemphill 24 F River Horseback "
6/30/2014 IA Cedar Rapids Linn 17 M Drain Playing Victim and friends were playing frisbee by an elementary school when he was pulled into a drain.  
8/3/2014 CA Mount Baldy Los Angeles 48 M Creek Driving Car was swept into a flooded creek.
8/9/2014 SC Greenvile Greenville 39 M Road Driving Witness saw a couple get out of their car in rising flood waters near Haywood Mal, and were pulled off their feet into a storm pipe.
8/9/2014 SC Greenvile Greenville 36 F Road Driving "
8/11/2014 MI Warren Macomb 100 F Home In Basement Woman was found in her flooded condo basement. May have been trying to clean it up.
8/11/2014 MI Oak Park Oakland 68 M Road Driving Victim suffered heart attack while pushing his car out of flood waters.
8/12/2014 OR Chododendron Clackamas 34 M Hiking On Bridge Hiker was swept into the Sandy River when heavy rain caused a flash flood that took out a bridge he was standing along.
9/8/2014 AZ Tucson Pima 53 F Road Driving Car submerged in a residential area, then swept away about two blocks.
9/8/2014 AZ Oracle Junction Pinal 76 F Road Driving Victim and her husband attempted to cross a flooded wash and she was swept away. 
9/16/2014 CA Joshua Tree San Bernadino 66 M Road Driving Man drove around stopped traffic and through a flooded wash.
9/18/2014 TX Austin Travis 35 F Road Driving Sheriff's deputy was checking low-water crossings during the storms. She radioed to say her patrol car was being washed away.
9/19/2014 NM Loving Eddy 39 M Road Driving Crew finished working in an oilfield around 2am and began heading home. Due to flooding in the area, the vehicle he was driving was unable to cross an intersection in high water.
9/22/14 NM Santa Fe Santa Fe 58 M Road Driving Local news station reporting that the body of a 58 year old man was found in the Santa Fe River after heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Reports say that he may have been sleeping in or near the river and drowned when he was swept away from rushing waters.
9/22/2014 TX El Paso El Paso 64 F Road Driving Woman drove straight into a ditch, which was not visable because it had filled with rain water, making it difficult to distinguish where the road ended.
9/27/2014 UT Springdale Washington 34 M River Hking Man was hiking at Zion National Park when he and his partner became stranded due to flash flooding. 
9/28/2014 UT Cisco Mesa 57 F Road Driving Victim was a passenger in a Jeep that was crossing Bittercreek Wash about 2.5mi west of the CO state line. Vehicle overturned, leaving victim trapped inside.