NWS 2010 Flood Fatalities

# Date State City County Age Sex Vehicle Related (49) Circumstance
1 1/20/2010 CA Campbell Santa Clara M As an arrest warrant was being served at a home in Campbell, a man ran into his backyard and hopped over a fence, where a cement drainage ditch was running at full capacity. The man tried to jump over the ditch but got caught in the water and dragged downstream. The police officers saw him try to keep his head above water, but he went under and drowned.
2 1/20/2010 CA Thousand Oaks Ventura 40 M A man drowned hiking in the park to observe the local creeks that were flooded due to the heavy rainfall. The individual fell into one of the creeks and drowned.
3 1/21/2010 AZ Mayer Yavapai 6 M Yes A family of four partially crossed the bed of the Agua Fria River in a truck (SUV) when flash flooding occurred. They became stuck in the flood waters. A swift water rescue was in possible and a helicopter could not be dispatched due to the weather conditions. The 6 year old boy was subsequently swept downstream and drowned.
4 2/4/2010 TX Leon Springs Bexar 55 M Yes A car was apparently swept off the road during the middle of the night and later recovered in Cibolo Creek. The man driving the car was found dead inside the vehicle.
5 3/13/2010 WV Bradley Raleigh 59 F A 59 year old female turnpike worker was returning home from the evening shift. She left her vehicle parked and attempted to walk through the flood waters of Maple Fork west of Bradley. She was swept away and drowned.
6 3/13/2010 WV Beaver Raleigh 32 M A swift water rescue team from the Glasgow Fire Department was working rescues along Beaver Creek. The boat struck something in the water, lost its steering, crashed into a bridge and capsized throwing 3 firefighters into the water. Two were able to reach safety. However, a 32 year old male firefighter was swept away. His body was not found until the 19th along Piney Creek.
7 4/15/2010 TX Hunt Kerr 73 M Yes Flood waters swept a truck off FM 1340 resulting in a fatality. A local resident of Hunt was headed home from a local school board meeting when he tried to cross a low water crossing. By the time rescuers responded he was apparently swept downstream and drowned. His body was discovered several days later about a mile downstream at another low water crossing.
8 4/23/2010 PR Yauco Yauco 68 M Yes River Rio Loco in Yauco overflowed its banks at a low crossing bridge on road 368 in Barrio Susua Alta, carrying a vehicle and its passenger downstream.
9 4/30/2010 AR Union Hall Scott 63 M Yes A 63 year-old man drowned during a flash flood near Union Hill. He tried to drive his pickup truck across a small low-water bridge, but the truck was swept into the creek. Witnesses said the man tried to escape through the driver's window, but he was caught by the current and dragged downstream.
5/1/2010 AR Bryant Saline 45 M Flash flooding occurred on several roads in Bryant. According to a police report, several men went to the Midland Soccer Fields in Bryant to look at the flood waters. One of the men, 45 years old, wanted to see how deep the water was, so he waded into it. The current of the water swept him into a culvert. A 911 call was received form the park just before 11:45 PM CDT. Despite the efforts of several people, he drowned, During the rescue attempt, a firefighter was also pulled through the culvert by the force of the water, but he was not injured.
11 5/1/2010 KY Forest Springs Allen 34 M Yes One person died when he reportedly got out of a vehicle that was overcome by flood waters and was swept away.
12 5/1/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 21 M A 21 year old man was killed attempting to cross water in the Bell Rd. area.
13 5/1/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 80 F Exact details not listed, widespread flash flooding present.
14 5/1/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 75 M Yes "
15 5/1/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 88 M Yes "
16 5/1/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 78 F Yes "
17 5/1/2010 TN Bellvue Davidson 86 F "
18 5/2/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 18 M "
19 5/1/2010 TN Bellvue Davidson 39 M Yes "
20 5/1/2010 TN Yuma Carroll 81 M Yes Vehicle washed off the roadway as the driver tried to drive through flood waters.
21 5/1/2010 TN Raleigh Shelby 32 M Yes One fatality occurred in Raleigh as a vehicle became stranded in flood waters.
22 5/1/2010 TN Humboldt Gibson 30 M Fatality occurred as flood waters quickly rose and swept one person off their feet.
23 5/1/2010 TN Mason Tipton 55 M Details not listed
24 5/1/2010 TN Tennessee Ridge Stewart 62 F A couple became surrounded by high water while was driving a Chevrolet Suburban across a low bridge on their
property, which is approximately two miles west of State Route 49 between Tennessee Ridge and Dover, along Upper Alsup Road. Neighbors saw the couple's predicament and rushed to the scene to help. One of the neighbors tried to throw a rope to the driver, who
could not quite reach it. The couple, the neighbor, and the vehicle were swept away. The driver managed to survive, but his wife and the neighbor attempting rescue drowned. The wife's body was recovered approximately a half-mile downstream and neighbor's body was recovered about 250 yards from the low bridge.
25 5/1/2010 TN Tennessee Ridge Stewart 64 M "
26 5/1/2010 TN Leiper's Fork Williamson 70 M Yes Fatality occurred when a man drove his vehicle into Garrison Creek at 12:30 PM CST.
27 5/2/2010 KY Stanford Lincoln 47 M Yes One person died when a van with multiple passengers was swept
off the road into the river. The driver of the van exited the vehicle and climbed onto the roof. He then lost his grip and fell into the rushing water.
28 5/2/2010 KY Dry Fork Barren 27 F Yes One fatality occurred when a person reportedly got out of her vehicle, was overcome by flood waters and swept away.
29 5/2/2010 KY Redhouse Madison 65 M Heavy rains caused a nearby creek to flood a residence. One person died in the home when they began shaking and collapsed in the water. The cause of death was found to be drowning and electrocution due to submersion.
30 5/2/2010 MS Lone Pine Alcorn 66 M Yes Fatality occurred when the vehicle lost control and went into a ditch off of Shiloh Road near Shiloh Ridge Golf Course. The vehicle became fully submerged and the driver drowned as a result. Numerous additional water rescues were made as a result of the flooding.
31 5/2-3/2010 OH Bishopville Morgan 35 M Yes Two brothers died while on a fishing trip. Their flooded vehicle was
found along the East Branch of Sunday Creek above Burr Oak Reservoir. Apparently, they drove into the high water late at night. One body was found inside the vehicle. The second body was not found until the next morning, about a mile downstream.
32 5/2-3/2010 OH Bishopville Morgan 30 M Yes "
33 5/2/2010 TN Lobelville Perry 44 M A father and his special needs daughter were killed when trying to evacuate their mobile home.
34 5/2/2010 TN Lobelville Perry 15 F "
35 5/2/2010 TN Centerville Hickman 70 F A women was killed when she stepped off the front porch into water and was swept away. A
36 5/2/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 74 M Exact details not listed, widespread flash flooding present.
37 5/2/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 70 M "
38 5/2/2010 TN Nashville Davidson 65 F "
39 5/3/2010 TN Palmyra Montgomery 63 F Yes A fatality occurred when a woman drove into the Cumberland River at 8 PM CST on May 3rd.
40 5/12/2010 MO Lancaster Schuyler 32 M Yes Flash flooding caused pavement over a culvert to give way. This caused the front end of a vehicle, to fall through the roadway. While attempting to get out of the vehicle, a 32 year old male, was swept away by the current and drowned.
41 5/15/2010 MO Monticello Lewis 25 F Yes At 245 am, a young woman was travelling west of County Road 195th, and drove into water from the North Fabius River covering the roadway. The car became completely submerged and the driver perished.
42 5/15/2010 TX Little York Harris 47 F Yes Interstate 45 feeder roads were impassable due to high water over the roadway. One fatality occurred when a vehicle drove off the feeder road and into a retention pond. This occurred on the 6900 block of Interstate 45 between West Little York and West Parker Road.
43 5/15/2010 TX Midland Midland 46 F Yes At 13:46 pm CST, local law enforcement reported that a car had been swept into the Scharbauer Draw near Jackson Street and Scharbauer Drive. When emergency officials arrived on the scene, they were unable to locate the car. Later that evening, a wrecker service was removing the reemerged car from the water when they found the body of a female driver inside. Numerous cars were submerged throughout Midland, and several high water rescues were executed. The police received over 92 submerged vehicle reports, although some may have been repeats.
44 5/28/2010 PR Barranquitas Barranquitas 58 M Yes River Botijas overflowed its banks along road 720, km. 0.3 in Barrio Palo Hincado, in the border between the Barranquitas and Orocovis municipalities. Flash flooding killed two people who drowned when their truck Ford F150 car was swept away by river Botijas flood waters.
45 5/28/2010 PR Barranquitas Barranquitas 54 F Yes "
46 6/9/2010 OH Cedron Clermont 8 M Heavy rain allowed for Bullskin Creek to rise. Two boys, ages 8 and 11, were killed when they were swept away in the rising water after they went to look at the high water.
47 6/9/2010 OH Cedron Clermont 11 M "
48 6/9/2010 TX New Braunfels Comal 65 M The Guadalupe River rose some 20+ feet in less than 2 hours sweeping campers, cars, trailers, tubes, and other debris down the river toward New Braunfels and Seguin. Campsites downstream of the 3rd River Road crossing were flooded, resulting in one fatality. Other campers were rescued in New Braunfels after being swept miles downstream.
49 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 6 F Flash flooding, occurred overnight at a riverside campground along the Little Missouri River at the Albert Pike Recreation Area (Ouachita National Forest). The flood killed 20, injured 24, and necessitated the rescue of more than 60 people.
50 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 34 M "
51 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 53 F "
52 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 23 F "
53 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 34 M "
54 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 51 M "
55 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 52 F "
56 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 69 F "
57 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 38 M "
58 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 8 M "
59 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 68 M "
60 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 30 M "
61 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 5 M "
62 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 2 F "
63 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 7 F "
64 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 46 F "
65 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 43 F "
66 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 3 M "
67 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 67 F "
68 6/11/2010 AR Montgomery Montgomery 8 F "
69 6/14/2010 OK Lawton Comanche 50 M Yes Several motorists had to be rescued after their automobiles stalled in the high water. One person drowned while trying to push his car out of the high water near NW Farris and 13th Street.
70 6/15/2010 NE Norfolk Madison 38 M A railroad bridge just southwest of Norfolk washed away with 3 people on it that were assessing possible damage. One person drowned, the 2 others were rescued.
71 7/2/2010 TX St. Paul San Patricio 83 M Yes An elderly couple's vehicle stalled in flood waters near CR 696 & CR 1441. The couple abandoned their vehicle, and swept into
floodwaters and drowned.
72 7/2/2010 TX St. Paul San Patricio 84 F Yes "
73 7/6/2010 OK Oklahoma City Oklahoma 13 M A 13-year old boy drowned after falling into creek near SE 40th Street
and Santa Fe Avenue.
74 7/13/2010 NC Lexington Davidson 1 M Yes An infant drowned when his mother's car went off the road, struck a concrete culvert and went down a steep embankment. The car landed upside down in a swollen creek. The infant's safety seat was pushed out of the car by rushing water. The infant's body was found about 200 feet downstream from the car.
75 7/13/2010 PA Fox Chase Philadelphia 20 M A 20-year-old man drowned while rafting on the swollen Pennypack Creek.
76 7/17/2010 KY Pikeville Pike 59 F A woman was swept away in flood waters near the intersection of Walters Road and KY Hwy 1460 east of Pikeville.
77 7/20/2010 AZ Sunset Crater Coconino 12 F Heavy rain over the Schultz Fire burn area caused extensive flash flooding on both sides of Highway 89 northeast of Flagstaff. A 12 year old girl was swept away in the flood waters and drowned.
78 7/20/2010 KY Soldier Carter 72 F A 72 year old woman drowned. Her mobile home was washed off its foundation and pushed some 200 yards to a bridge. The home broke into pieces at the bridge. Her body was not found until 3 days later near the mouth of the creek with the Little Sandy River.
79 7/20/2010 MO Louisiana Pike 48 F One woman drowned when she slipped at a low-water crossing and
became trapped in a culvert. It occurred at a popular swimming area call "The Slabs" on Pike County Road 252 along Buffalo Creek, about five miles south of Louisana. She had been swimming in the rain-swollen creek with her son and his friend. The boys were uninjured in the incident.
80 7/21/2010 OH Franklin Furnace Scioto 53 F Victim was attmepting to reach higher ground outside of her flooded residence when swept away in the flash flooding. In addition to the fatality, there were four injuries. All of the flooding
reports and the fatality occurred in the Franklin Furnace area.
81 7/22/2010 WI Milwaukee Milwaukee 19 M Yes A 19-year-old male was found in Lincoln Creek near N. 32nd St. and W. Hampton Ave. in Milwaukee. He was swept from his vehicle when Lincoln Creek flooded.
82 7/25/2010 WV Julian Boone 41 M A man was clearing debris and brush from a private culvert and was sucked into the culvert by flood waters. A neighbor grabbed his hand and tried to keep him from getting sucked into the culvert drain pipe. The effort failed and the neighbor had to be rescued. The victim's body was found a short time later in the Little Coal River near Danville.
83 8/1/2010 TX Pharr Hidalgo 22 M Yes A man drowned after driving his vehicle into fast flowing waters of a floodway late on August 1st or early on August 2nd. His body was found along the south side of the Main Floodway, near S. Jackson and W. Juan Balli Road just west of Pharr.
84 8/10/2010 PR Ceiba 21 M No details provided.
85 8/11/2010 IA Altoona Polk 16 F Yes Water rescues from three vehicles with a total of 11 people near NE 8th Ave and NE 54th Ave. There was one fatality, 10 rescues and
several injuries.
86 8/17/2010 VA Weber City Scott 16 M 16 year old male swept away into flood waters and drowned.
87 8/20/2010 IL Springfield Sangamon 23 F Yes
88 9/7/2010 TX Killeen Bell 19 F Yes A 19 year old female's vehicle was submerged in flood waters on Reese Creek Road.
89 9/8/2010 TX Bulverde Bexar 57 M Yes A man was killed when his vehicle was swept off FM1863 at the low water crossing approximately one quarter mile east of Beck Road. After successfully driving through another flooded crossing a few moments earlier, he entered the flood waters and was swept away.
90 9/8/2010 TX Alvarado Johnson 49 M Yes A driver was swept away on CR 607 at Mountain Creek near Alvarado and drowned.
91 9/8/2010 TX Austin Travis 51 F Yes Tropical Storm Hermine produced flash flooding resulting in one death as a woman was killed when her vehicle was swept off RM2222
into Bull Creek in West Austin sometime between Midnight and 1 AM CDT. She attempted to drive through a flooded low water crossing after passing a
barricade, police cruiser, and contractor truck and where a rescue was ongoing.
92 9/8/2010 TX Georgetown Williamson 42 M Yes Man was forced to stop his car because interstate highway was closed with several feet of water over the roadway. He pulled off on an exit ramp and discovered it was also flooded. Relatives said that he called them and said he couldn't get home but was going to check the depth of the water. He got out of his vehicle and tried to walk through the flooded water to determine its depth and apparently was sucked down through a drainage culvert.
93 9/9/2010 OK Stilwell Adair 19 M Yes A nineteen year old drowned when his vehicle was swept off the road while he tried to drive through a flooded low water crossing.
94 9/20/2010 TX Corpus Christi Nueces 35 M Yes A 35 year old male drove around a barricade at Weber Road and the flooded Oso Creek. The vehicle was swept 50 yards downstream where he drowned.
95 9/22/2010 NM Albuquerque Bernardillo 27 M A 27-year old man was swept away by fast flowing water in the I-40 Channel. The man was walking in the arroyo with his brother near I-40 and Louisiana, when a rush of water swept the man off his feet. The man traveled west to the North Diversion Channel, then north to the Rio Grande River. He was found dead along a sand bar in the Rio Grande River three days later near Coors Bypass. He traveled a total distance of 13 miles. His brother made it out alive, without injury.
96 9/30/2010 NC Creswell Washington 25 M Yes A vehicle hydroplaned, ran down a small hill, hit an embankment and flipped over into a flooded canal where the occupants drowned. The crash occurred on U.S. 64, west of Creswell, just after noon.
97 9/30/2010 NC Creswell Washington 26 F Yes "
98 9/30/2010 NC Creswell Washington 3 M Yes "
99 9/30/2010 NC Creswell Washington 3 M Yes "
100 9/30/2010 NC Creswell Washington 1 F Yes "
101 10/1/2010 PA Collegeville Montgomery 55 F Yes A 55-year-old woman drowned after she drove into flood waters of the Skippack Creek on the morning of October 1st off Stump Hall road just north of Anders Road near Evansburg State Park near Skippack.
102 10/1/2010 NY Bradley Sullivan 55 F Yes A driver was traveling to work and was swept by floodwaters into Willowemoc Creek. The body of the 55 year old woman was found the next morning along the shore of the Neversink Reservoir.
103 12/22/2011 CA Sun City Riverside 39 F Yes A 39 year old Menifee woman was driving south on Goetz Road when the car was swept off the road by swift runoff from the Salt Creek, where it flows into Canyon Lake. She was found dead in her car at the bottom of the lake several hours later.
104 12/25/2011 CA Chino San Bernadino 67 F Yes A 67 year old woman drove her car around a barricade near Chino on Christmas night. The water was deep enough that her car floated about 150 feet down the road, then sank in 10 feet of water. An owner of a nearby business jumped into the water and broke the car's sunroof to pull the woman out. He attempted CPR, but she later died at a local hospital.