# Date State City County Age Sex Vehicle Related Circumstance
1 2/24/2011 KY Dublin Graves 0.5 F Yes A horse-drawn buggy carrying an Amish family was washed away at a low water crossing on a rural gravel road. Four children drowned when they were swept down a swollen creek. Reports stated that up to five feet of water swept the buggy away. The two parents driving the buggy and made it to safety, along with three children. The low water crossing itself was on the Graves County line, and the bodies were located up to 600 yards into Hickman County.
2 2/24/2011 KY Dublin Graves 5 F Yes "
3 2/24/2011 KY Dublin Graves 8 M Yes "
4 2/24/2011 KY Dublin Graves 11 F Yes "
5 2/25/2011 CA Gilroy Santa Clara 43 M Heavy rain caused the flood control channel of the Gilroy creek near Forest Street to rise to near capacity. Just before noon firefighters and police arrived at the scene where they pulled the victim from the water. His death was determined to be from drowning.
6 2/28/2011 OH Norwalk Huron 51 F Yes Motorist on South Norwalk Road entered flooded waters of a tributary of the Huron River, Cole Creek, in the town of Norwalk. The car was washed into the creek where the driver was killed. Witness report water depths of 2 to 3 feet over the bridge at time of incident.
7 3/10/2011 PA Pine Grove Schuylkill 74 M Yes Man drove around a flood barrier on Route 645 (Geary Wolfe Road) just south of Pine Grove and was swept away in the flood waters. A swift water rescue was attempted, but the man had already drowned in his truck.
8 3/20/2011 AR Luxora Mississippi 77 F Yes Man drove his truck into flood waters when he lost control of the vehicle in the current causing the cab to fill with water. The passenger of the vehicle died as a result.
9 3/20/2011 KY NW Paducah McCracken 90 M Yes Man drowned after he drove around barricades down a flooded secondary road. This incident occurred during the early afternoon hours of March 20, around 1 to 2 P.M. The victim could not see the edge of the road and ended up submerged in 12 feet of water in a ditch. Several people who tried to rescue the victim were taken to a local hospital for treatment of hypothermia.
10 3/22/2011 MN St. Peter Nicollet 39 M DOT worker operating backhoe, tried to clear an ice jam, when backhoe tipped over and fell into the area where Seven Mile Creek flows into the Minnesota River. Man escaped initially but fell back into creek and drowned.
11 4/12/2011 VT Milton Chittenden 26 M Fisherman drowned as his aluminum boat went through the Clark Falls Spillway on Lake Arrowhead into the Lamoille River.
12 4/16/2011 VA Waynesboro Waynesboro 41 F Child and adult swept into Rockfish Run from the Kirby Street Bridge.
13 4/16/2011 VA Waynesboro Waynesboro 8 F "
14 4/16/2011 WV Sandyville Jackson 79 M Yes Man attempted to drive across a flooded the dip in the road (low water crossing). The water was moving swiftly and his car was pulled into the creek. Before emergency workers reached the scene, neighbors had successfully pulled him halfway out of the car with a rope. At that time, the vehicle was pushed further down the stream. The car became lodged under a bridge and the neighbors lost sight of the driver. Swift water rescuers could not save the victim.
15 4/23/2011 MO Hardenville Ozark 54 M Yes Vehicle was swept off County Road 528 along Lick Creek.
16 4/25/2011 AR Bentonville Benton 56 M Yes A vehicle was driven around a barricade and was washed off Opal Road at a low water bridge. Two people died in this vehicle.
17 4/25/2011 AR Bentonville Benton 50 M Yes "
18 4/25/2011 AR Witter Madison 75 F Yes Driver went around a barricaded flooded road. Both passengers drowned.
19 4/25/2011 AR Witter Madison 75 M Yes "
20 4/25/2011 AR West Fork Washington 38 F Yes Victim drove into rapidly flowing flood waters (highway 265 between Hubbard Road and Onda Mountain Road) and stalled. The driver exited the vehicle and was washed downstream, drowning in the flood waters. An 11 year old boy survived this incident.
21 4/25/2011 AR Perryville Perry 53 M The driver of a feed truck exited his vehicle at a low-water crossing to remove a large log that was in the road at Casa-Aplin Rd. and Deer Run Ln. While he was outside his truck, he was swept away by high water. The incident occurred around 8:00 PM CDT on the 25th, but the accident was not discovered until around 8:00 AM CDT on the 26th.
22 4/25/2011 MO West Plains Howell 65 M Yes Man was swept off the road and drowned by a flooded creek near the intersection of County Road 4740 and County Road 5130.
23 4/27/2011 LA Monroe Ouachita 70 F Yes A person drove through a barricaded and flooded roadway at Plum Street and the Railroad underpass. The water was reportedly deeper than the car she was driving and she drowned.
24 4/27/2011 LA Monroe Ouachita 45 M Yes A 45 year old man drove his automobile into a flooded intersection at Arizona Street and East Street. He was later found by 2 people drowned in his vehicle.
25 4/27/2011 MS Holly Springs Marshall 66 M Yes Motorist died after driving his vehicle into flood waters on Slayden Road where the road had been washed out.
26 4/27/2011 TN Dunlap Sequatchie Unkn Unkn An intoxicated man jumped into the high water, drowned and was later found 60 yards downstream.
27 4/30/2011 NY Dexter Jefferson 68 M Father and son in a canoe that capsized on flooded Black River. Son was able to swim to shore and call for help.
28 5/1/2011 AR Mayflower Faulkner 57 M Yes SUV hydroplaned and left Hwy 89 coming to rest in the ditch between the road and railroad tracks. Called for help, but water rose quickly and he drowned.
29 5/3/2011 AR Ward Lonoke 55 M Yes Vehicle stalled in a flooded section of AR Hwy 236 West.
30 5/4/2011 AR Des Arc Prairie 53 M Body found about 75 yards away from home in flooded White River.
31 5/7/2011 AR Pocahontas Randolph 31 F Yes Found near her SUV by flood waters near Hwy 67 in 8 inches of flood waters.
32 5/11/2011 AR Cherry Valley Cross 57 M Yes Driving on Hwy 42, ignored signs saying the road was closed due to high water, and drove his vehicle into 12-18 inches of running water that covered the road. The vehicle was then swept away.
33 5/12/2011 OH Franklin Furnace Scioto 47 M A man wading through chest deep water along Pine Creek in southeast Scioto County Ohio was pulled under around 10:00 am on May 12, 2011.
34 5/14/2011 AR Delaplaine Greene 65 M Yes Man drowned while attempting to check on his flooded home. He became disorientated and could not tell where the road and the flood waters were. He drove his vehicle into a flooded ditch as a result.
35 5/21/2011 MT Boyd Carbon 84 F Elderly woman drowned after she fell into a flooded ditch near her house. She was going to get her newspaper when she slipped and fell. The woman was swept a short distance downstream from her house near Boyd, where authorities found her body.
36 5/22/2011 MT Pryor Yellowstone 47 M Man operating a backhoe trying to save his house, drowned near Pryor Creek. The roadway had washed out from underneath the backhoe.
37 5/23/2011 AR Gallatin Benton 25 F Yes A vehicle was driven into at least four feet of flood water flowing across Shinn Spring Road and was washed downstream. On the 25th, the vehicle was recovered by divers in 10 feet of water in Butler Creek just upstream of its confluence with the Illinois River and about one mile downstream of where the vehicle entered the creek. The bodies of one woman and two children were found in the backseat of the car. Another woman who was in the vehicle was never recovered.
38 5/23/2011 AR Gallatin Benton 30 F Yes " "
39 5/23/2011 AR Gallatin Benton 5 Yes " "
40 5/23/2011 AR Gallatin Benton 0 Yes " "
41 5/24/2011 MT Hardin Big Horn 62 M Body found near the Bighorn River in a vehicle at the Koyamas Pond recreation area. Found on the Crow Reservation.
42 5/25/2011 AR George Newton 21 M A 21 year-old man swimming in the river at Blue Hole (between Hasty and Piercetown) drowned on the evening of the 24th. He had swum across the river and was swimming back across when the current carried him away. His body was recovered five days later.
43 6/18/2011 IL Chatham Sangamon 75 M Yes Man drove around a barricade into a flooded roadway on East Loami Road near the Lick Creek South Fork. He climbed to the top of the vehicle, but it was swept away by the rapid current. His truck was found in a nearby pond, but his body was not recovered until the morning of June 20th.
44 6/20/2011 KY Kayjay Knox 55 M Man was killed when flood waters swept his mobile home away and smashed it against a bridge.
45 6/20/2011 TN Harrogate Claiborne 54 M Flood waters rushed onto his property and came up over his mobile home.
46 6/21/2011 SD Reliance Lyman 56 F Yes Two women died in two separate vehicles after driving into a washed out portion of a road. One woman was found 100 yards downstream while the other woman was found 4 miles downstream. Vehicles drove into a sinkhole north of Reliance, on BIA 10 (329th St) when their vehicles found a spot in the road washed out by heavy rain. Both vehicles were carried downstream by rushing waters.
47 6/21/2011 SD Reliance Lyman 61 F Yes "
48 7/5/2011 MO Bartlett Shannon 63 M Yes A Shannon County resident was swept off a low water bridge during the early morning hours of July 5th after isolated thunderstorms produced heavy
rainfall causing a small stream to become swollen and overflow its banks. The driver attempted to drive over the flooded low water bridge and was swept
nearly 150 yards down stream where his car and body were found on July 13th.
49 7/10/2011 HI Hilo Hawaii 43 M Two individuals prawning (fishing) in the stream bed were caught in the rapidly moving water. One man died as he was swept away, while a woman was injured as she held on to a large rock as the water rushed around her.
50 7/13/2011 UT Duchesne Duchesne 15 F Yes A flooded gulch running under State Route 35, became heavily backed up for hundreds of yards. Pressure from the backup eventually washed out the road. The resultant damage was an area 30 feet deep and 40 feet across where the road was entirely missing. Around 11:45 pm MDT, two vehicles drove directly into the washed out area. The occupants of the first vehicle suffered one fatality and one injury. The occupant of the other vehicle was injured.
51 7/19/2011 WY Saratoga Carbon 39 F Yes Family of four died after their van drove into a washed-out roadway and was swept downstream by a raging flooded creek. Family was attempting to escape from flash floods at a nearby campground shortly after 1 am. The driver of the van managed to escape from the van, which was submerged to its rooftop. Minutes later, the Carbon County emergency manager who responded to the flash flooding, drove his vehicle into the same washout and plunged into the creek. Firefighters rescued both drivers about two hours later, and were transported to a hospital in Rawlins. Both men were treated for their injuries and later released. The wash out was created after heavy rainfall clogged a drainage culvert at milepost 55.8 on State Highway 130 with flood debris. As a result, the pavement around the culvert gave way and created a 25-foot wide, 9-foot deep trench in the road just before 1 am on July 19.
52 7/19/2011 WY Saratoga Carbon 8 F Yes "
53 7/19/2011 WY Saratoga Carbon 5 F Yes "
54 7/19/2011 WY Saratoga Carbon 2 F Yes "
55 7/27/2011 IL Galena Jo Daviess 75 M Yes Man died in his car which was swept away in flood waters near Galena, IL.
56 7/27/2011 IL Galena Jo Daviess 70 F Yes Woman died in flood waters after being thrown from a vehicle overcome by flood waters while traveling along Long Hollow Road near Elizabeth, IL.
57 7/27/2011 IL Galena Jo Daviess M A Galena, IL man died of electrocution going down into his flooded basement.
58 8/5/2011 NC Charlotte Mecklenburg 43 F A mother and daughter drowned when they attempted to wade through a rain-swollen tributary of Irvins Creek, about 9 miles southeast of Center City Charlotte.
59 8/5/2011 NC Charlotte Mecklenburg 16 F "
60 8/15/2011 NJ East Greenwich Gloucester 55 F Yes Woman drove into Mantua Creek which had risen significantly during torrential rains.
61 8/19/2011 PA Pittsburgh Allegheny 45 F Yes Mother and her two daughters were stuck in rush hour traffic, when flood waters pinned the car against tree and submerged it on Washington Boulevard.
62 8/19/2011 PA Pittsburgh Allegheny 12 F Yes "
63 8/19/2011 PA Pittsburgh Allegheny 8 F Yes "
64 8/19/2011 PA Pittsburgh Allegheny 72 F Yes Woman abandoned her car and was apparently swept or fell into an open manhole or catch basin and drowned.
65 8/23/2011 PR Cohitre Carolina 62 F Yes A woman was overtaken by flood waters as she attempted to drive across flooded roadway PR-857 in Barrio Canovanillas, Cohitre sector. The women was rescued by citizens and taken to a local hospital where she later died.
66 8/28/2011 CT Bristol Hartford 46 M A 46 year old man went canoeing in floodwaters during Tropical Storm Irene. He drowned when his canoe capsized and he was unable to make it to shore.
67 8/28/2011 DE Milford New Castle 25 M A woman drowned when the house she was in was swept away by waters from the Batavia Kill on Maplecrest Road (County Route 40) in the hamlet of
68 8/28/2011 DE Milford New Castle 25 M A man drowned when the embankment he was standing on near a bridge near Ostrander Road gave way. He was reported helping another person move a car across the bridge.
69 8/28/2011 NJ Pilesgrove Salem 20 F Yes Female motorist swept away by flood waters near the Salem River on U.S. Route 40.
70 8/28/2011 NJ Kearny Hudson 47 M Man drowned when he tried to walk to safety after evacuating his disabled vehicle in flood waters, and plunged into a drainage canal obscured by the flood.
71 8/28/2011 NJ Princeton Mercer 39 M Emergency responder died from injuries sustained while investigating a submerged vehicle in flood waters. No one was in the vehicle.
72 8/28/2011 NJ Dover Township Morris ? M A construction worker fell off a bridge, was washed away and drowned in the Rockaway River.
73 8/28/2011 NY Tuxedo Orange 52 M Yes Man drove around 3 barricades and into flood waters where he drowned in the Town of Tuxedo.
74 8/28/2011 NY Clarksville Albany 68 F Woman died when she was swept into the Onesquethaw Creek near her home.
75 8/28/2011 NY Windham Greene 79 F A woman drowned when the house she was in was swept away by waters from the Batavia Kill on Maplecrest Road (County Route 40) in the hamlet of Maplecrest Town of Windham.
76 8/28/2011 NY Lanesville Greene 70 M In Lanesville, a man drowned when the embankment he was standing on near a bridge near Ostrander Road gave way and swept him into the Stony Clove Creek. He was reported helping another person move a car across the bridge.
77 8/28/2011 NY Fleischmanns Delaware 82 F Woman was killed when the building she was in collapsed due to the flood waters.
78 8/28/2011 NY Altona Clinton 23 M Yes Drove around a barricade to flooded underpass
79 8/28/2011 NY Altona Clinton 24 F Yes "
80 8/28/2011 NY Croton Westchester 53 M A raft carrying five men capsized on the Croton River just south of Silver Lake Park shortly before 6 pm. The men were rescued from the raging river, which was moving at a speed of around 40 mph, but not before three of the rescue workers were tossed from their rescue boat and were swept under a trestle bridge just south of the Croton-Harmon station. The rescue workers were pulled from the water without injury. One man on the raft suffered from hypothermia after being forced to cling to a tree for 2 hours until he was rescued. Another was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
81 8/28/2011 PA Fort Washington Montgomery 65 F Yes Woman drowned in her car in the Wissahickon Creek in Fort Washington.
82 8/28/2011 VT Mendon Rutland 55 M Water treatment plant supervisor went with his son to check on the city's water supply and fell into the Mendon Brook when a river bank collapsed.
83 8/28/2011 VT Mendon Rutland 25 M Went with dad to check on city's water supply.
84 8/29/2011 NY Glen Montgomery 72 M Yes Was going to check on his flooded business and traveled several miles past warning barricades when he ran into the overflowing Schoharie Creek as a crew of bridge inspectors tried to wave him off. Truck disappeared into the creek.
85 8/29/2011 VT Wilmington Windham 21 F Yes A woman drowned when the car she was in became trapped by flood waters from the North Branch Deerfield River in Wilmington.
86 8/30/2011 NJ Lawrence Mercer 47 M Man drowned when he opened a manhole cover leading to a sewer system in an effort to drain water from his property. The water was 2 to 3 feet deep and pulled the victim into the sewer pipe.
87 9/5/2011 MS Short Tishmingo 57 M Yes A man tried to enter J.P. Coleman State Park by driving his vehicle through a flooded low water crossing. The vehicle was washed off the road. Two passengers swam to safety but the driver drowned because he could not swim after having a recent operation.
88 9/7/2011 MD Pasadena Anne Arundel 49 M Man drowned in floodwaters of the Magothy River on Riverside Drive.
89 9/7/2011 PA Derry Township Dauphin 70 M Man died when a basement wall collapsed on him in Derry Township. He was pumping water from his flooded basement.
90 9/7/2011 PA East Germantown Philadelphia 27 F Woman who was caught in flood waters, was discovered in the rear of her Sports Utility Vehicle at the intersection of Musgrave and Haines Streets on the morning of the 8th.
91 9/8/2011 PA Swatara Township Dauphin 87 M Yes Details surrounding victim's death are unknown. His mud covered car and body were found in Swatara Township several days after the flooding.
92 9/8/2011 PA Brickerville Lancaster 62 F Yes Woman in vehicle became stranded on Route 322 near Pumping Station Road in Elizabeth Township Thursday morning. Her car was swept away in the water and submerged.
93 9/8/2011 PA Wysox Bradford 92 F Drowned in her home.
94 9/8/2011 PA Penn Township Lancaster 53 M Man was swept away as he tried to walk through water just off White Oak Road, near the border of Rapho and Penn townships.
95 9/8/2011 PA East Cocalico Township Lancaster 8 M 8-year-old boy playing in a flooded backyard in East Cocalico Township was swept off his feet by the water. His head became caught in a submerged storm drain, where he was found by emergency personnel. He was taken to Ephrata Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
96 9/8/2011 VA Great Falls Fairfax 67 M Yes Flash flooding on Charles Branch submerged vehicle on Beach Mill Road near Club View Drive. One person was swept away and drowned.
97 9/8/2011 VA Lorton Fairfax 25 M Yes Flash flooding of Accotink Creek stranded cars on Route 1, Fairfax County Parkway, and Telegraph Road. On Accotink Creek Bridge on Telegraph Road, one person was swept away and drowned.
98 9/8/2011 VA Vienna Fairfax 12 M Flash flooding on Piney Branch Creek near Marcliff Court swept away and drowned a 12 year old male.
99 9/9/2011 PA Swatara Township Dauphin 54 F Victim was swept away by flood waters. Her body was recovered weeks later in Swatara Creek.
100 9/9/2011 PA Middle Paxton Township Dauphin 81 M Yes Man drowned after his car was washed into Clarks Creek in Middle Paxton Township.
101 9/9/2011 VA Sebrell Southampton 48 F Yes The driver of a vehicle drowned after the vehicle struck standing water, hydroplaned, went off Route 35 and into a swamp just southeast of Sebrell. The vehicle became submerged into the water. There was ten to twelve inches of water on the road at the time of the accident. The passenger was able to escape from the vehicle.
102 9/10/2011 PA Swatara Township Lebanon 55 M Man was swept away in floodwaters from Route 72 just north of Frog Hollow Drive in Swatara Township. He was trapped in rising waters on Swatara Creek.
103 9/15/2011 AZ Tuscon Pima unkn M The raging Santa Cruz River claimed the life of a homeless man that was living under the Grant Road Bridge. Rescuers spotted the man holding onto the bridge pillar, but before they were able to reach him he lost his grip and was swept down the river. His body was found the next day near the Ina Road bridge.
104 9/26/2011 WI Ives Grove Racine 76 M Man died when his car stalled in the flood waters after driving into a flooded ditch in the construction zone. The preliminary cause of death was from a heart attack and hypothermia, suffered when the victim apparently tried to leave the marooned car and walk for help. His body was found in the flood water about 100 yards from his car.
105 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 30 M Yes A van with 10 inmates and 2 guards was overturned by a rush of water flowing down a dry gut. From the 12 passengers, 4 were rescued, 8 died.
106 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 42 M Yes "
107 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 40 M Yes "
108 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 34 M Yes "
109 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 21 M Yes "
110 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 24 M Yes "
111 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo 30 M Yes "
112 11/7/2011 PR Arecibo Arecibo ?? M Yes "
113 11/30/2011 KY New Haven Nelson 71 M Yes Man died when he drove his vehicle around a barricade and attempted to cross a flooded low spot in the road where Bull Run Creek crosses Kentucky State Highway 46. He lost control of his vehicle and hit another vehicle already disabled in the flood water, then drowned when his vehicle was washed off the road and submerged.