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Acronyms Used Within IAO Webpages -

ACARS: Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System

AeMP: Aeronautical Meteorology Program

AFN: Asia Flood Network

AMDAR: Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay

AMS: American Meteorological Society

ASEAN: Association of South East Asian Nations

ATEAM: Advanced Techniques Applied to Aeronautical Meteorology

AWG: Advisory Working Group

AWOS: Automated Weather Observing Systems

CAeM: Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology

CAFFG: Central American Meteorological Service Flash Flood Guidance

CAMET: Central American Meteorological Service

CAS: Commission for Atmospheric Sciences

CAT: Clear Air Turbulence

CBS: Commission for Basic Systems

CEMET: Central America Meteorological

CaribHR: Caribbean Hurricane Reconstruction

CHUAS: Cooperative Hurricane Upper Air Stations Network

CIMO: Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation

COMET: Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology Education and Training

CPC: NOAA Climate Prediction Center

DCP: Data Collection Program

DCS: NOAA Data Collection System

DESWAT: Destructive Waters Program

DOC: U.S. Department of Commerce

EC: Department of the Environment of Canada

EMWIN: Emergency Manager's Weather Information Network

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration

FAR: False Alarm Rate

FFG: Flash Flood Guidance

GDPS: Global Data Processing System

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time (Z)

GOESS: Global Earth Observation System of Systems

GTS: Global Telecommunications System

GUAN: Global Upper Air Network

HMS: Hydrometeorological Service of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

HRC: Hydrologic Research Center

IAO: NOAA International Activities Office

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization

ICIMOD: International Center for Integrated Mountain Development

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

ISCS: International Satellite Communication System

JEC: US-Saudi Joint Economic Commission

KMA: Korea Meteorological Administration

LMRB: Lower Mekong River Basin

MEWM: Ministry of Environment and Water Resource Management

MOS: Model Output Statistics

MoU: Memorandum of Understanding

MRC: Mekong River Commission

MSS: Meteorological Service Singapore

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NESDIS: National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

NHC: NOAA National Hurricane Center

NHMS: National Hydrometeorological Service

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

NOS: National Ocean Service

NWP: Numerical Weather Prediction

NWS: National Weather Service

NWSRFS: National Weather Service River Forecast System

OAR: Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

OFDA: USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance

PC ETA: Numerical Weather Prediction Model for Desktop

PME: Saudi Presidency of Meteorology and Environment

RA: Regional Association

RAOB: Rawinsonde Observation

RFC: River Forecast Center

RFS: River Forecast System

RMTN: Regional Meteorological Telecommunications Network

Roshydromet: Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring

RRS: Radiosonde Replacement System

SRE: Satellite Rainfall Estimates

TOGA: Tropical Ocean Global Experiment

TRS: Telemetry Receiving System

UNDP: United Nations Development Program

USAID: United States Agency for International Development

USGS: United States Geological Society

VCP: Voluntary Cooperation Program

WAFS: World Area Forecast System

WMO: World Meteorological Organization

WWW: World Weather Watch

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