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Saudi Project

Funding Source:Saudi Arabia

Funding Amount: $1.1M

Goals:Technology Transfer, Training, and Technical Assistance

Start Date: March 2001

End Date: September 2011

Description: Technical meteorological and environmental protection partnership often spawns rewards with significant social, economical benefits, (i.e., more accurate weather forecasts, cleaner water, better hazardous waste management, etc). Other benefits: increased data flow from Middle East (Saudi and 22 other Arab speaking nations), which correlates to more accurate global numerical weather prediction models; improved relations (Foreign Policy); more accurate and timely forecasts in Saudi Arabia to protect the estimated 18 million people.

Improve regional FFG Systems
Project:Improve regional FFG Systems
Funding source: USAID OFDA PASA
Amount: $250K
Goals:Improve and upgrade the Central American meteorological service Flash Flood Guidance(CAFFG) Systems.
Third Border Initiative
Project:Third Border Initiative
Funding source: DOS/USAID
Amount: $452K
Goals:Technical assistance and training
Indian Ocean
Project:Indian Ocean
Funding source: USAID RDMA Bankok
Amount: $4.6M
Goals:Implement a Tsunami Warning System in the Indian Ocean Region
Funding source: Mexico
Amount: $420K
Goals:Transfer National Weather Service River Forecast System technology to regional hydrologic forecast centers
Asia Flood Network
Project:Asia Flood Network
Funding source: USAID / OFDA
Amount: $1000K
Goals:Reduced loss of life and property via improved flood and flash flood forecasting and warning information to flood-at-risk communities in Asia.
Czech Republic
Project:Czech Republic
Funding source: NWS
Amount: $20K
Goals:Assist with developing flash flood forecasting and warning program
Romania DESWAT
Project:Romania DESWAT
Funding source: Romania
Amount: $750K
Goals:Modernize Romania's hydrologic data and forecasting system
Funding source: USAID/New Delhi
Amount: $973K
Goals:Training, capacity building, and technical assistance
Funding source: FY04 Supplemental
Amount: $325K
Outcome:Installed replacement/upgrade hardware and software in Honduras, Jamaica, Grenada, Bahamas, and Cayman Islands; Meeting in Miami, February 2006, to discuss protocol, TBI, and Hurricane reconstruction status.
Tunisia Workshop
Project:Tunisia Workshop
Funding source: State Department
Amount: $35K
Outcome:Five day workshop on operations of Weather Services
Central America
Project:Central America
Funding source: USAID
Amount: $75K
Outcome:Coordinated emergency management protocol
Funding source: Poland
Amount: $220K
Outcome:Modernized Hydrometeorological Services
Nile River
Project:Nile River
Funding source: USAID/Egypt
Amount: $7M
Outcome:Operational River Forecast System for Nile River
Panama Canal
Project:Panama Canal
Funding source: Panama Canal Commission
Amount: $850K
Outcome:Operational river and flood forecasting system (NWSRFS)
Hurricane Mitch Reconstruction Program
Project:Hurricane Mitch Reconstruction Program
Funding source: USAID
Amount: $8M
Outcome:Upgraded HYDROMET forecasting, monitoring, and early warning capabilities
Aral Sea
Project:Aral Sea
Funding source: USAID/Central Asia
Amount: $450K
Outcome:Operational River Forecast System (NWSRFS)
Project:After MITCH
Funding source: USAID/GCAP
Amount: $160K
Outcome:Advanced Training and technical assistance for the NWSRFS
El Salvador
Project:El Salvador
Funding source: USAID/El Salvador
Amount: $145K
Outcome:Upgraded hydrologic forecast capabilities
Viet Nam
Project:Viet Nam
Funding source: NWS
Amount: $20K
Outcome:NWSRFS implemented for Red River
Funding source: USAID/Central America
Amount: $875K
Outcome:Operational Flash Flood Guidance System for Central America and NWSRFS on Rio Estero Real in Nicaragua
Saudi Project
Project:Saudi Project
Funding source: Saudi Arabia
Amount: $1.1M
Goals:Technology Transfer, Training, and Technical Assistance

Current Global Projects

Global Flash Flood Guidance System
Funding source: VCP USAID OFDA PASA and Private Funds
Goals:Implementation and training for Global Flash Flood Warning System

Past Global Projects

Funding source: VCP
Amount: $273K
Outcome:Four pilot project installations in Vietnam, Senegal, El Salvador, Peru, and Costa Rica.

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