NWS Industrial Meteorology

Policy and Guidelines Governing National Weather Service and Private Sector Roles (A-06)

Note: This policy is no longer in effect. For current policy, see: NOAA Policy on Partnerships in the Provision of Environmental Information

6. Implementation:

6. Implementation. It is the responsibility of all NWS officials and employees to comply with this policy and the guidelines for responding to inquiries and for providing weather briefing and other related weather services in support of a special event. An effective partnership requires that the parties understand each other's role and be sensitive to the constraints and aspirations that govern their respective actions. This policy statement and guidelines cannot cover all possibilities. However, it should minimize any misunderstandings and false expectations between both parties. Close coordination and cooperation are essential to ensure that the public receives the best possible weather service. Regional and local NWS officials should arrange periodic meetings with private meteorologists and hydrologists to promote an exchange of ideas that will be mutually beneficial and increase understanding between the two groups. The overriding goal of this policy statement and guidelines is to ensure that the Nation receives full benefit of weather and hydrometeorological information to promote safety of life and property and economic prosperity. Effective partnership between the NWS and the private meteorological sector is the means to that end.

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