Minimum Temperature/Analogous Days Program
NWS Industrial Meteorology

Minimum Temperature/Analogous Days Program

DISCLAIMER This software is provided 'as is,' without support, and the National Weather Service (NWS) can not be resposible for any adverse effects caused by the use of this software outside the NWS.

The minimum temperature/analagous days program has been developed to aid the forecaster in predicting minimum temperatures during the agricultural frost seasons for the South-Central California Coast. First, the program calculates first guess minimum temperatures for Santa Maria Airport and Paso Robles Airport. Then, if the user wishes, she/he can allow the computer to search for analagous days based on the first guess temperatures and other meteorological data. The results from the search are divided between the Winter Frost Season (approx Nov. 15-Feb. 18) and the Spring Frost Season (approx. Feb. 19-May 18).

This program (provided in zipped format) was written for Paradox 3.0 for DOS.

Click Here to Download the Minimum Temperature/Analogous Days Program.

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