Evaporation Program Used to Produce Agricultural Forecasting for Kansas
NWS Industrial Meteorology

Evaporation Program

DISCLAIMER This software is provided 'as is,' without support, and the National Weather Service (NWS) can not be resposible for any adverse effects caused by the use of this software outside the NWS.

The following evaporation information used by WSFO Topeka for the state of Kansas utilized an Evaporation Program developed by the NWS office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (FSD) which is available for FTP below. Other information was obtained from NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS CR-56 "The Prediction of Daily Drying Rates" and from the CRH Agricultural ROML.

The monthly average radition values used in the AG program as applied to Kansas ---

    Jan - 270       May - 730       Sep - 540
    Feb - 380       Jun - 760       Oct - 415
    Mar - 515       Jul - 725       Nov - 305
    Apr - 645       Aug - 645       Dec - 250

To calculate S in the HILL EQUATION,

    S = I * P

I = the monthly average radiation

P = the percent of sunshine expected for the day

The Evaporation Program was written in the Quick BASIC programming language.

Click Here to Download the Evaporation Program.

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