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Internet IM Update, May 30, 1997


GOES 10 Solar Array Anomaly

On May 27, 1997, at 0201Z, the GOES 10 solar array drive unexpectedly stopped with the solar array at the two degree limit off the sun. NASA/NOAA engineers quickly commanded the satellite into a safe hold mode. Scientists continue to investigate the anomaly and long term impact to the mission. All post launch testing has been suspended until further notice.

Engineers expect to take the spacecraft out of safe hold periodically to re-orient the array. This configuration could well last for the next couple of weeks while engineers conduct ground tests and analysis of flight data. Updates will be posted as we receive them.

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New NASA FTP Sites for GOES/GMS Data

The following NASA internet addresses now provide geostationary weather satellite sites for GMS-5, GOES-8, and GOES-9:

The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFS) is now the primary distribution site for all GMS and GOES data. The other sites above mirror GSFC.

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Additional 6-Hourly QPF's from HPC

Effective July 31, 1997, the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) will begin issuing two new 6-hourly QPF's twice a day that will extend the range of these products to 30 hours into the future from the time of issuance. The new forecasts will be issued at approximately 1000 UTC. and 1800 UTC. The graphic format will be identical to existing 6 hourly forecasts (i.e. areal average rainfall/melted water equivalent forecasts). The designated isohytes will be identical in format as well. For information on PIL headers and FOS availability, please visit the Office of Meteorology's Home Page at:

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Short Fuse County Warning Area Transfer

Effective October 1, 1997, at 1100 GMT, the NWS will transfer short fuse county warning responsibility for Beaverhead County in Southwest Montana to the Great Falls Weather Service Forecast Office from the Missoula Montana office. Identifier changes for users of NOAA Weather Wire and the Family of Services can be found at :

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ASOS Site Identifier Changes

Effective immediately, site identifiers for two commissioned ASOS sites have changes. Fulton, NY, changes from N00 to FZY. Meadville, PA, changes from 2G6 to GKJ. The geographical location and elevation for the two sites are as follows:

FZY--- LAT 43.3N     LON 76.4W    ELEVATION   455 FEET
GKJ--- LAT 41.6N     LON 80.2W    ELEVATION  1404 FEET

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