Ray Collins


Program Name: Tcl Weather Calculator
Developer: Ray Collins
Office: NWSFO Reno, NV
Program Files: wxcalc.exe

Select to Download: WXCALC.EXE


The Tcl Weather Calculator is a stand-alone Windows application (tested on Windows 95 and 98). The program serves a dual purpose...first to calculate weather-related variables in a variety of unit combinations, and second to easily convert from one unit to another. What sets this apart from other "weather calculators" is that it is a GUI program that consists entirely of sliding scales.

The program was written using Tcl/Tk (Tool command language/ToolKit, pronounced tickle tee-kay), then converted to an executable file using a program named freewrap.exe. The actual script used in this program is 42 KB in size. The stand-alone executable file wxcalc.exe (the one available in this LSA) is MUCH larger (1.7 MB). To use, place it into whatever directory you choose and create a shortcut to it. That's it!

The program displays the following menu choices and information:

Options: Contains a tear-away, drop-down menu with selections for the various units used in the program (Deg F, Knots, Millibars, feet, etc). Units can be pre-set from this menu, or from any of the displayed scales. Also contains a "Helpful Tips" selection that gives tips on using the mouse buttons to make the program easy to use.

RH Calculator: Contains temperature, dew-point, and relative humidity scales. Easy one-click conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius units. >Fire Weather: Contains dry-bulb, wet-bulb, station elevation, dewpoint, and relative humidity scales. Calculate and convert using Deg F/C and feet/meters.

Station Pressure: Contains altimeter setting, station elevation, and station pressure scales. Calculate and convert using inches of mercury/millibars and feet/meters.

Wind Chill: Contains temperature, wind speed, and wind chill scales. Calculate and convert using Deg F/C and MPH/Knots.

NOTE: Tcl scripts work equally well on Unix and Windows operating systems. In an attempt to keep the installation of this program simple, I have NOT included the original script file (wxcalc.tcl). Contact me if you would like a copy - you could modify it to suit your local needs. Keep in mind that you need software to decode and process the scripts - this is available as freeware from several sources on the web.