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BASICA Programs for Use in Forecasting Minimum Temperatures in the Wenatchee and Okanogan Frost Districts of WA

DISCLAIMER This software is provided 'as is,' without support, and the National Weather Service (NWS) can not be resposible for any adverse effects caused by the use of this software outside the NWS.

The MINTEMPS.ZIP file below contains data and guidance for use in forecasting minimum temperatures in the Wenatchee and Okanogan frost districts of Washington State. The programs were written in BASICA and are provided in zipped format.

Here is a directory listing of the files contained within the ZIP archive:

AIDS     BAS      3830 01-10-80   3:02a
SUMMAX   BAS      3508 01-02-80  11:33p
FALLMAX  BAS      2939 01-01-80  10:20p
WINMAX   BAS      1640 01-01-80  10:14p
SPRINGMX BAS      2565 01-01-80  10:16p
AFTNRH   BAS      2659 01-01-80   2:31a
LOAD     BAS         4 01-04-80   6:03a
FROST    BAS      3012 01-01-80  11:27p
MXLVL    BAT        23 01-01-80  11:47p
FILEA    BAT         8 01-01-80   2:07a
INPRINT  BAT        40 01-01-80  12:00a
TEMP                21 01-02-80   1:48a
BLOS                 8 01-02-80   1:49a
SPRINGMA BAS         1 01-02-80   3:08p
RUN      BAS      3830 01-05-80   5:52p

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