Agricultural Studies and Technical Attachments
NWS Industrial Meteorology

Agricultural Studies and Technical Attachments

The following agricultural studies and technical attachments are available in hard copy format from the National Weather Service Industrial Meteorology Staff. When ordering, specify the complete title and author of the article you are requesting, as well as your complete name and mailing address. E-Mail your request to

You may also request these documents, by providing the same information listed above, by writing or faxing to:

Industrial Meteorology Staff, NWS
ATTN: W/IM, Room 18462
1325 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3283
Fax: (301) 713-0610

  1. NWS Southern Region Technical Attachment 94-14, Meteorological Input to Agricultural Models, by Trevor Wallis, Texas A&M University.
  2. NWS Southern Region Technical Attachment 93-41, Do Canadian/Arctic Fronts Move Faster at Night?, by John G. Faussett, WSFO Midland, Texas.
  3. NWS Western Region Technical Attachment 92-10, Verification of Minimum Temperature "Big Change" Events at Salt Lake City, by Dave Sanders, WSFO Salt Lake City, Utah.
  4. NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS SR-88, Useful Relationships Between 500 MB features and Major Freeze Events in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, by Marshall J. McFarland, Texas A&M University.
  5. NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS WR-288, Forecasting Minimum Temperatures in the Santa Maria Agricultural District, by Wilfred Pi, WSFO Monterey, California, and Peter Felsch, WSFO Missoula, Montana.
  6. NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS WR-191, Large Scale Patterns Associated with Major Freeze Episodes in the Agricultural Southwest, Ronald S. Hamilton, WSO Riverside, California and Glenn Lussky, NWS Western Region, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  7. Western Region Technical Attachment 91-04, A Quick Comparison of the 1990 Freeze with Past Freezes in the Redlands Fruit Frost District, by Ronald S. Hamilton, WSO Riverside, California.
  8. NOAA Western Region Programming Note #42 (March 19, 1985), MIN TEMP, by Jeffrey B. Smith, WSO Santa Maria, California.
  9. NOAA Western Region Computer Programs and Problems NWS WRCP #2 (July 1979), AFOS Crop and Soil Information Report Program, by Ken Mielke, WSFO Great Falls, Montana.
  10. NOAA Western Region Computer Programs and Problems NWS WRCP #21 (September 1980), Freezing Level Program, by Ken Mielke, WSFO, Great Falls, Montana.
  11. ESSA Technical Memorandum WBTM WR 57 (September 1970), Preliminary Report on Agricultural Field Burning vs. Visibility in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, by Earl M. Bates, Corvalis, Oregon, and David O. Chilcote, Oregon State University.

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