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When the National Weather Service's new radar network was established, a long-term agreement was made with four commercial vendors (now 3) to distribute radar information:

DTN/Kavouras Incorporated UNISYS Weather Information Services WSI Corporation/Intellicast

These NEXRAD Information Dissemination Services (NIDS) providers access all Weather Surveillance Radar 1988 Doppler (WSR-88D) radars and make data available to users. Current plans are for the agreements to expire September 30, 2000. After that time the NWS plans to make a basic suite of radar products directly available to our users.


Also see our list of Commercial Vendor Home Pages.

KnownCommercial Weather Vendor Web Sites with Radar Information (alphabetical order)

   Agricultural Weather dot Com
   Agricultural Weather Information Information Service (AWIS), Inc.
   APR Weather
   Cable News Network (CNN)
   Cox Weather Services
   Crown Weather Services
   EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
   Enterprise Electronics Corporation
   Environmental Dynamics Research, Inc.
   FleetWeather, Inc.
   Fox Weather Service
   Golden Gate Weather Services
   Marine Weather dot Com
   Skyview Weather
   Southland WX.com
   Storm97-Hurricane Central
   Travelforecast.com, Inc.
   USA Today
   WeatherBank, Inc.
   Weather Central, Inc.
   The Weather Channel
   WeatherData, Incorporated
   Weather for You
   WeatherLabs, Inc.
   Weather Site Inc.

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Also, remember to check our Internet Industrial Meteorology Update, a continuously updated status report of late-breaking developments within NWS and other changes at NOAA and related government agencies which impact the industrial meteorology community.

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