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The GTS Internet File Service (GIFS) Product Baseline is the listing of products approved for dissemenation over the internet. The listing is provided in both a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) text format and in Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbook format to accommodate a variety of uses and platforms. The current and the immediately preceding Product Baselines are provided for review or download.

The GIFS Product Baseline is based on the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Regional Association IV (RA-IV) Regional Meteorological Telecommunications Network (RMTN), as presented in the WMO Manual on the Global Telecommunication System (GTS), WMO No. 386.

The GIFS Product Baseline is managed by the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) ISCS Program Office. All proposed modifications should be identified through the respective State's Permanent Representatives, or their designees, to the action focal points listed below. Proposed changes which have been properly document on the NWS Request for Change (RC) form and received by the NWS ISCS Program Office for processing, are available for review on the ISCS DGR Web Page.

Current GIFS Baseline
(Text or Excel)
08/02/12 text file Excel File

Previous GIFS Baseline
(Text or Excel)
07/03/12 text file Excel File

Current GeoNetCast Baseline
(Text or Excel)
03/07/12 text file Excel File

Contacts for Baseline Information

RA-IV Action Focal Point

Robert Gillespie
ISCS Program Manager
301-713-9478 x140
Patrick Gillis
ISCS Program Lead
301-713-1743 x 104