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On or about Tuesday, September 9, 2014,

Notice to all WMO Regional Association IV Member States ISCS/GeoNetCast Americas (GNCA) Users

Effective 12:00 (UTC), 09 September 2014; the ISCS/GNCA file naming format for the "Alert" and "WMO/WMC" channels will change.

Revised format: A_TTAAiiCCCCYYGGgg[BBB]_C_KWBC_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_pid-nnnn[-NNNXXX].[bin,txt]


1.  Bulletin Identification Information (as provided in the bulletin):
a.  T1T2A1A2ii - Data Designators
b.  CCCC - International four-letter location indicator
c.  YYGGgg - International date-time group
d.  BBB - Delay/correction/amendment/segment indicator [when present]
e.  NNNXXX - US AWIPS Identifier [when present]

2.  Bulletin format:
a.  bin - Binary
b.  txt - Alphanumeric text

3.  RTH Washington (KWBC) Processing Information:
a.  YYYYMMDDHHMMSS - Time the file was processed (UTC)
b.  pid - Process ID
c.  nnnn - Sequence number

Examples of the revised file naming format:


The new file naming format will become operational at 1200 (UTC), 09 September 2014.

Please contact the ISCS Program office or your workstation/computer system provider if you have any questions regarding this change.

On or about Wednesday, June 18, 2014,

Beginning with the 1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) run, the National Centers for

Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will upgrade the

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) Hurricane Prediction System.

See the following link for more information.



Effective Tuesday, December 03, 2013, at 1800 Coordinated

Universal Time (UTC), the National Hurricane Center Tropical

Analysis and Forecast Branch will reconfigure its high seas

forecast areas to align with areas of U.S. forecast

responsibility in agreement with the World Meteorological

Organization (WMO).


See the following link for more information.




Effective Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at 1800 Coordinated

Universal Time (UTC), the NWS will cease providing WAFS Global

Gridded Forecasts in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

GRIdded Binary 1 (GRIB1) code format. At that time, WAFS Global

Forecasts will only be available in WMO GRIB2 format.


See the following links for more information: cessation.htm





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