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0095 NA Add Barbados CLIMAT Product in BUFR Format to GIFS and GNCA ISCS-0095 DATA-0095 Approved
0094 NA Add Barbados SYNOP and TEMP Products in BUFR Format to GIFS and GNCA ISCS-0094 DATA-0094 Approved
0093 NA Add Products to 12 New GNCA NWS Sub-Channels ISCS-0093 DATA-0093 Approved
0092A NA Add PTWC Tsunami Products to EMWIN ISCS-0092A DATA-0092A Completed
0091 NA Add Global Forecast System (GFS) GRIB2 Forecast Products to GIFS ISCS-0091 DATA-0091 Approved
0090 NA Add PTWC-Generated Tsunami Products for WSO Pago Pago American Samoa to EMWIN & GNCA ISCS-0090 DATA-0090 Completed
0089 NA Add Dominican Republic SYNOP Products in BUFR Format to GIFS and GNC-A ISCS-0089 DATA-0089 Completed
0088B NA Add WFO Albany NY Climate Products/Record Reports to EMWIN ISCS-0088B DATA-0088B Completed
0087 NA Delete WFO Key West (KEYW) products with AWIPS Product Designator EYW - EMWIN ISCS-0087 DATA-0087 Completed
0085 NA Add PNG formatted CMO Radar Mosaic product to GIFS ISCS-0085 DATA-0085 Completed
0084 NA Add Climate/RER Products for Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester NH (WFO GYX CWA) to EMWIN ISCS-0084 DATA-0084 Completed
0083 NA Add Record Report (RER) Product for Abilene Texas to EMWIN ISCS-0083 DATA-0083 Completed
0082 NA Add Northeast Florida Regional Airport TAF (KSGJ) to EMWIN ISCS-0082 DATA-0082 Completed
0081 NA Modify AMDAR IUAX01 MMMX Distribution ISCS-0081 DATA-0081 Completed
0080 NA Add AMDAR IUAX01 MMMX to GIFS and GNC-A ISCS-0080 DATA-0080 Completed
0079 NA Add Aviation Weather Warning (AWW) product for Gray ME to EMWIN ISCS-0079 DATA-0079 Completed

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