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0147 NA Cessation of U.S. METAR and TAF collectives per SCN 17-44 ISCS-0147 DATA-0147 Approved
0146 15518 Rev1 Add Regional Weather Roundup (RWR) product for WFO Austin San Antonio Lubbock and Dallas Ft Worth - EMWIN ISCS-0146 DATA-0146 Completed
0145 NA DST QA Review and Modification of the EMWIN AWDS.tbl File ISCS-0145 DATA-0145 Completed
0144 NA Add Fire Weather Forecast product (FWF) issued by WFO Des Moines IA (KDMX) - EMWIN ISCS-0144 DATA-0144 Completed
0143 NA Change Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) Spanish Product AWIPS Headers to Accommodate Caribbean Product Transition - EMWIN GIFS GNC-A ISCS-0143 DATA-0143 Completed
0142 NA Add WFO San Angelo TX (KSJT) Rangeland Fire Danger (RFD) product to EMWIN ISCS-0142 DATA-0142 Completed
0141 NA RECORD RC: Assign Priority for EMWIN Baseline Products ISCS-0141 DATA-0141 Record
0140 NA Delete Non-Prioritized EMWIN Products ISCS-0140 DATA-0140 Completed
0139A NA Transmission of observations from Argyle (TVSA) and cessation of observations from E.T. Joshua Airport (TVSV) ISCS-0139A DATA-0139A Completed
0138 15330 Add Climate Summary and RER Products for Clarksburg WV - EMWIN ISCS-0138 DATA-0138 Completed
0137 NA Add WMO-PIL Headers for RR5 Products for Pacific Region - EMWIN ISCS-0137 DATA-0137 Completed
0136 NA Add WMO/PIL Header for TCV Product at WFO Honolulu - EMWIN ISCS-0136 DATA-0136 Completed
0135 NA Add REC and SAG products for WFO Albuquerque New Mexico - EMWIN ISCS-0135 DATA-0135 Completed
0134 NA Add Climate products for WFO Jackson Mississippi - EMWIN-1 ISCS-0134 DATA-0134 Completed
0133 NA Update CCCC for Difax Charts - GIFS & GNCA ISCS-0133 DATA-0133 Completed
0132 NA Add National Hurricane Center TCM and TCD Products to EMWIN ISCS-0132 DATA-0132 Completed

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