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0167 NA Modify EMWIN broadcast product priorities to conform with WMO Pub 386 - EMWIN ISCS-0167 DATA-0167 Completed
0165 15865 AWIPS WMO headers for tropical products from select inland ER WFOs - EMWIN ISCS-0165 DATA-0165 Completed
0164 Modify Priority of SAW Product on EMWIN Broadcast ISCS-0164 DATA-0164 Completed
0163 Modify Priority of ZFP and RTP Products on EMWIN Broadcast ISCS-0163 DATA-0163 Completed
0162 15820 Termination of Regional Weather Summary (RWS) product for WFO Albuquerque NM (ABQ) - EMWIN ISCS-0162 DATA-0162 Completed
0161 15805 Addition of DVL PKD and BDE Climate Products issued by WFO Grand Forks ND (KFGF) - EMWIN ISCS-0161 DATA-0161 Completed
0160 NA Addition of FTUS80 KWBC TAF Collective - EMWIN ISCS-0160 DATA-0160 Completed
0159 SCN17-123 Deletion of Legacy Earthquake Report Messages - GIFS GNC-A ISCS-0159 DATA-0159 Completed
0158 SCN17-123 Deletion of Legacy Earthquake Report Messages - EMWIN ISCS-0158 DATA-0158 Completed
0157 15658 Rev1 Addition of WarnGen polygon-based short duration Dust Storm Warning and Dust Advisory at 2 WFOs - EMWIN ISCS-0157 DATA-0157 Completed
0156 15627 Addition of DOD Upper Air observation to SBN/NOAAPORT since bulletin is already received at NWSTG/TOC. ISCS-0156 DATA-0156 Completed
0155 15622 Add Climate Based Products in NWS Southern Region - EMWIN ISCS-0155 DATA-0155 Completed
0154 SCN 17-67 Global Forecast Systems (GFS) Upgrade per SCN 17-67 ISCS-0154 DATA-0154 Completed
0153A SCN 17-47 NHC Products Termination per SCN 17-47 - EMWIN ISCS-0153A DATA-0153A Completed
0152 SCN 1744 Cessation of U.S. METAR and TAF collectives per SCN 17-44 (Addendum) ISCS-0152 DATA-0152 Completed
0151 15542 Addition of Warngen polygon based Snow Squall Warning with SQL AWIPS ID at 8 WFOs - EMWIN ISCS-0151 DATA-0151 Completed

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