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0031BNAMexico Alphanumeric message data conversion to BUFR format for new message productsISCS-0031DATA-0031Approved
0088BNAAdd WFO Albany NY Climate Products/Record Reports to EMWINISCS-0088BDATA-0088BApproved
0091NAAdd Global Forecast System (GFS) GRIB2 Forecast Products to GIFSISCS-0091DATA-0091Approved
0093NAAdd Products to 12 New GNCA NWS Sub-ChannelsISCS-0093DATA-0093Approved
0001BNOTAM /
Volcanic Ash AdvisoryISCS-0001BDATA-0001BCompleted
0003NATsunami WarningsISCS-0003DATA-0003Completed
0004NACMO RadarISCS-0004DATA-0004Completed
0015NAISCS/WAFS broadcast of the Volcanic Ash Graphic (VAG)ISCS-0015DATA-0015Completed
0015.01NAISCS/WAFS broadcast of the Volcanic Ash Graphic (VAG)ISCS-0015BDATA-0015BCompleted
0021NARegional Telecommunications Network (RMTN) site "Heart Beat" messages routed to ISCS for broadcastISCS-0021DATA-0021Completed
0022NAArgentina Volcanic Ash Advisory Graphic Products Additional HeadersISCS-0022DATA-0022Completed
0023NAHarmonization of US OPMET Data Collectives - AFTN Requirement That Products Not Exceed 1800 CharactersISCS-0023DATA-0023Completed
0023.01NAHarmonization of US OPMET Data Collectives - AFTN Requirement That Products Not Exceed 1800 CharactersISCS-0023_1DATA-0023_1Completed
0024NAAddition of SYNOP and Upper-Air Alpha-Numeric (Text) messagesto ISCS broadcastISCS-0024DATA-0024Completed
0029NAAdding Volcanic Ash PNG charts PFXD01 RJTDISCS-0029DATA-0029Completed
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