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Degrib: Download

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Full Package (MS-Windows).  This consists of the source code and the compiled MS-Windows executables for degrib.  In addition it has the NDFD image generation programs (ImageGen) to create static maps.

  • degrib-install.exe (Version 2.02 : 15,774,564 bytes : 4/05/2013) (was "ndfd-demo.exe") (md5sum=c97587ede66332f9e60330128e7bef4d)
    This install program creates short cuts, so please run it with the appropriate permisions.
    Note: It has been reported that in some browsers, the "degrib-install.exe" link stops at about 178k.  Please verify that you get the full 15,774,564 bytes.
  • degrib-all.exe (Version 2.02 : 16,288,768 bytes : 4/05/2013) (md5sum=126e0fb3aad18580b54b79a10de270c1)
  • This does not create short cuts (for those with permissions issues).

Source Code Package.  This consists of source code for degrib.

  • degrib-src.tar.gz (Version 2.02 : 6,265,074 bytes : 4/05/2013) (md5sum=2bf5da1b57ddbf1dfeb59a0513f38cee)
  • degrib-src.tar (Version 2.02 : 64,593,920 bytes : 4/05/2013) (md5sum=9ab7c3cf2dbbc022037b6b6ecacfb3a5)
  • Note: The tar balls were created using "gnu-tar".  I have found that "aix-tar" does not always play nice with them.

Executable Package (MS-Windows).  This consists of the compiled MS-Windows executables for degrib.

  • degrib-bin.exe (Version 2.02 : 7,324,672 bytes : 4/05/2013) (md5sum=caecfe4c55cdde389855ddae612cf594)

Note: There are 3 flavors of degrib included in all downloads:

  1. degrib, the command line version;
  2. tcldegrib, a version which interfaces with Tcl, and allows one to create command line scripts for automating downloads;
  3. tkdegrib, the GUI version of degrib, which uses Tcl/Tk to make it cross-platform capable.

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