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Subject: degrib version 0.92
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 18:39:42 -0500
From: "Arthur.Taylor"
Organization: DOC/NOAA/NWS - National Weather Service
To: Arthur Taylor ,


You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib
mailing list (all 17 of us) (I'd like to welcome Timothy Boyer, Lyon_jl,
Douglas Boushey, fs, ssinnis, bcassanova, MasterEJ, Robert Bunge, and
etirado to the list). Since you are a member, (and I can't tell the
difference between bug fixes and releases) you all get this email...

Please let me know if you want to unregister.


I have just finished putting together version "0.92" (last one was
"0.90" on 12/12/2002)

New to this release:
1) Finished up -pntFile option. This allows one to specify a file
containing lat/lon points, the program then generates a report of all
data in the GRIB2 file pertaining to those points. See -P option

2) Performance boost by creating a special handler for scan mode 0100
(true 99% of the time).

3) Added -V option, which imbeds version info in the program, to assist
with debugging issues that may come up over time.

4) New Platform: Thanks to bcassanova, I now know that it compiles and
runs on a Sun using g77, and gcc.

5) Corrected the naming of "sky" to "Sky" to match NDFD conventions.

6) Bug Fix: Memory error when dealing with GRIB files that were missing
the data for two consecutive messages. It was writing out of bounds.

7) Bug Fix 2: Realized that the intended algorithm for handling section
2 data was not correct, and adjusted it... This mainly affects Weather
data, which is just starting to appear in NDFD GRIB2 files. The Weather
data is now handled, but the meta data associated with it still needs
work. I believe a side effect of the bad algorithm was to unpack the
same message 5 times in a row. If I'm correct the bug fix should speed
things up.

8) Fixed some minor bugs, and added a handful of extra helper routines.
Started incorporating some of the second code review's suggestions.


As always, I tested this release on my PC (win 2000), a Linux machine, a
HP-Unix machine, and an AIX-Unix (machine). Although I may have missed
something in my testing, it should at least compile, and run for some of
the test cases. For those of you with access to the NWS suitland
machine, my current version is in: /nfsuser/g06/we25at/degrib. For
those with access to MDL's GDP or NHDW machines, see: ~taylor/degrib/

Please let me know if you have problems.


The main reason for this release was item 7). I wanted to make sure
that if anyone got a grid containing weather it didn't kill the program.


(PS: Expect another one soon, as I get ready for the AMS meeting in Long

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