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Subject: Degrib 1.21
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 21:14:33 -0400
From: "Arthur.Taylor"
Organization: DOC/NOAA/NWS - National Weather Service


You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib
(aka NDFD_GRIB2Decoder) mailing list (all 92 of us (but I think
"ndfd@********.com" and "" are going to bounce :-) ) (I'd
like to welcome the rest: jbolstad, rxs371, tsalem, jeff_rose,
glendening, x3b0, jhoffman, scotts, r_lasher, augustocostantini,
edward.madej, john.lovegrove, Glen.Rawles, tyree.wilde, john.jannuzzi)

Please let me know (email me) if you want to unregister.


I just wanted to let you all know that I have just finished putting
together version "1.21" (last one that I announced was "1.20" on

The latest version of the program is on:

First, some news...
As some of you may have noticed, we stopped getting Sector files about a
week ago. As I understand it, the gateway people who had been
repeatedly informed as to how large a data set to expect, and who had
been relatively confident that they could handle it, asked for mercy
after the real data started flowing. To give them a respite, NDFD is
only updating the CONUS files, which reduces the data by half, but may
not be as useful as the sector data was proving to be, since I think
users prefer to download a sector or two. Also PR is not covered by


New to degrib:

1) We now have a new version of imageGen and HtmlMaker which can handle

2) We now have a version of degrib that can convert Wx grids to
"simplified weather", which imageGen can handle.

3) Htmlmaker now creates a field for WaveHeight in the html table.

4) Probe has been modified to go to stdout (the screen) as well as to a
file. This could be useful for anyone tying degrib into a CGI program.

5) Thanks to Matthew T. Kallio, two memory leaks were detected and

6) Bug fix for dbf files which have max == min == 0. The was reported
by Mike Schenk.

7) Due to discussions with Glen Rawles, I am now providing an ArcView
".avl" file in ./degrib/arcview for use with weather. If this is
convenient for people, I could collect some more.

Note: I have gotten several other requests for added features, and I
apologize for not getting to them yet, but have been working with
verification scores of the NDFD operational readiness test.


As always, I tested this release on my PC (win 2000), a Linux machine, a
HP-Unix machine, and an AIX-Unix (machine). Although I may have missed
something in my testing, it should at least compile, and run for some of
the test cases. For those of you with access to the NWS NCEP machine,
my current version is in: /nfsuser/g06/we25at/degrib (on snow/frost).
For those with access to MDL's GDP or NHDW machines, see:

Please let me know if you have problems.


Regards, (and have a happy 4th of July)

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