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Subject: Degrib 1.25
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:22:04 -0400
From: "Arthur.Taylor"
Organization: DOC/NOAA/NWS - National Weather Service


You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib
(aka NDFD_GRIB2Decoder) mailing list (all 129 of us) (I'd like to
welcome: mhearse, Gary Watry, vikashsrivastava, maciver, Chris Maltese,
josephs, n.n, jlogan, Marc Saccucci, and Geoffrey Rowland) (special
welcome to Marc who finally registered :-). He's been doing the web
development on "" for NDFD)

Please let me know (email me) if you want to unregister.
The latest version of the program is on:

----------- News about this release:

I just wanted to let you all know that I have just finished putting
together version "1.25" (last one that I announced was "1.23" on
7/31/2003). (I skipped "1.24" since this release is more than just bug

This release is mainly focused on making the -P option a little more
flexible, figuring out about ESRI ArcGIS projections, and tying up some
loose ends before burning some CDs for the NDFD Tech Conference..

----- -P option fixes:

1) Added a -pntStyle option, at the request of Jim Scott and Matt
Kallio. They both independently preferred that the -P output be "Stn
Name(or lat,lon), Elem[Unit], refTime, valTime, value", instead of the
"Elem, Unit, refTime, valTime, (Value at Lat/lon 1), ..." that I had
been using. The new format is similar to an XYZ file, and may be easier
to parse into databases. The original style is the default.

2) Added a -WxParse option for Probe point (so it can give either "ugly
weather strings", "english translations of the ugly string", or "the
NDFD Simple Weather code". "ugly weather strings" is the default.

3) Added a -Separator option for Probe point (so you can use " | "
instead of the default of ", ".

4) Found the logic error that was causing my "pntFile trap". One can
now have either: "station ID, lat, lon" or "lat, lon". Before people
would try "lat, lon" and nothing would happen. :-(

----- ESRI Map Projection:

5) Found out about Map Projections in ESRI's new ArcGIS. I had been
using ESRI ArcView 3.1, but now have access to an ESRI ArcGIS 8. ArcGIS
users should check out "./degrib/arcview/prj.adf" and
"./degrib/arcview/ndfd.prj". The "ndfd.prj" will set up the NDFD
projection for an arbitrary Layer. The "prj.adf" allows you to set the
NDFD projection for a "grid" data set. So when dealing with "grids",
the process should be:
A) Take the .flt file and use ArcGIS 8.3 or ArcInfo and convert to a
grid using the "toolbox".
B) copy the "prj.adf" into the newly created "grid" directory.
C) Bring in the "grid" into ArcGIS.
(Alternatively you can enter the correct projection information into a
"toolbox" program and it should generate the same "prj.adf").
Note: ArcGIS 8.1 and 8.2 did not have the .flt to "grid" tool, :-( .. So
I may have to create "ESRI ASCII grids" for those users. If you have
more questions, please email me.

----- Miscellaneous:

6) Improved the handling of command line options to "degrib". In
particular it now properly handles the case where you give it the name
of a file for input, and the file doesn't exist. Also it now handles
the case where an option implies there is a second argument, but there
are no more arguments on the command line.

7) Adjusted the inventory command to use GRIB_LIMIT when looking for
just the first message. After finding the first message, it now allows
there to be an arbitrary number of bytes before the next message. This
is useful when dealing with files where the GRIB encoder software
(typically GRIB1) has bugs. So it shouldn't affect NDFD, since they got
rid of those bugs already.

8) Updated the cities file (sample points for superImageGen), and
updated the qpf and sky colortables (again for superImageGen)

9) Memory leak detected and fixed in the GRIB1 code (doesn't affect NDFD

10) Fixed the spelling of the "Hazzard" category (to "Hazard") when
creating weather .shp files.


As always, I tested this release on my PC (win 2000), a Linux machine, a
HP-Unix machine, and an AIX-Unix (machine). Although I may have missed
something in my testing, it should at least compile, and run for some of
the test cases. For those of you with access to the NWS NCEP machine,
my current version is in: /nfsuser/g06/we25at/degrib (on snow/frost).
For those with access to MDL's GDP or NHDW machines, see: /home/taylor/
(./degrib/bin/degrib.linux for linux or ./degrib/bin/degrib.hp for Hp's)

Please let me know if you have problems.


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