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Subject: Degrib 1.48
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 17:23:03 -0500
From: Arthur Taylor

Hi everyone,

You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib
(aka NDFD_GRIB2Decoder) mailing list (all 362 of us) (I'd like to
welcome: jai, seggins2000,,, kovtchega,
franz.zichy, pcm134, caryhayes, marty.whitmore, llomargaix, lbradshaw,
croyle, clarkjs, khandah, swest, greg.machala, and mrbhayanak)

Please let me know (email me) if you want to unregister. The latest
version of the program is on:

----------- General News.
For those of you who didn't see the note that Greg Mandt sent (see

"The new director of NWS has asked for a review of the digital services
program. As a result the NDFD gridded elements will continue their
experimental status until we complete a comprehensive plan no later than
June 30, 2004".
"The experimental period will continue through at least June 30, 2004.
Additional information on the transition of ... to official NWS products
will be provided in future technical implementation notices by June 30,
"If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact : Leroy
Spayd ("

(I would also add that, when you get a chance (if you haven't already),
email some comments about the NDFD to Include both
what you like and don't like. I believe that nws.ndfd will have a say
about when the data goes "operational", but supporting documentation is
always helpful.)

----------- News about this release:
I have just finished putting together version "1.48" (last one that I
announced was "1.47" on 3/17/2004).
This release is mainly focused on several bug fixes.

1) chism reported that the temperatures in the 1 degree lat/lon grid
didn't range much. This was because I didn't set up a lat/lon grid
projection which started in the upper left corner correctly. Turns out
that I was correct in handling lat/lon grids which start in the lower
left, but if they started in the upper left I ended up flipping the
grid. This meant I was reporting for California, values that were in
the south pacific. Ocean temperatures have a smaller variation range
than land values, hence the observed behavior.

2) Found out that grib1tab.c was not consistent. I had not finished
typing in the table, and so the european GRIB1 messages were not
recognized correctly.

3) Started teaching it how to convert some of the GRIB1 variables from K
to F. Concerned about the -Unit option, which is by default set to
"-Unit e". Probably should be changed to default to "-Unit none"
(default to the GRIB unit). Not sure the best way to do this... May
want to make the -Unit option a required option.

4) Fixed the default name style from "%E_%v.txt" to "%e_%v.txt"

5) Minor fixes to the GRIB1 surface handling methods, and replaced the
":" in the 2 level surfaces to "-", so that it is easier to make
filenames out of the surface. Also added 2 level values to the GRIB2
surface naming methods.

6) A minor cosmetic fix to the "GIS tab", so that it includes the full
filename in the path (instead of just the directory)


Please let me know if you have problems.


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