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Subject: Degrib 1.51
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 18:12:32 -0400
From: Arthur Taylor

Hi everyone,

You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib
(aka NDFD_GRIB2Decoder) mailing list (all 415 of us) (I'd like to
welcome: chu_nz_baby, ndfd.2.dshay, arosello, Kristine_Poptanich,
koto831, obadobaland, kenneth.neafcy, moogleknight, mhurley,
robert.shedd, buddy.whorrall, tquinlan, Daniel.Murray, binge, n3mog,
corey.pieper, and jason.horning)

Please let me know (email me) if you want to unregister. The latest
version of the program is on:

----------- General News.

----------- News about this release:
I have just finished putting together version "1.51" (last one that I
announced was "1.50" on 5/7/2004).

This release is mainly focused on some bugs with GRIB2 bitmaps (GRIB1
bitmaps were fine). Note: NDFD does not use bitmaps.

1) Found out that I used the wrong definition for GRIB2 bitmaps. NDFD
doesn't use a bitmap, and the logic for handling GRIB1 bitmaps is
separate from the logic for GRIB2 bitmaps. So I hadn't run across GRIB2
files with bitmaps until NCEP started providing some Air Quality files.
I have now fixed it so that "0 = missing, 1 = valid." (instead of what I
had before.)

2) Found out that I didn't handle GRIB2 "complex" or "complex spatial
differencing" with bitmaps correctly, and that I didn't call the decoder
library correctly for GRIB2 "simple pack" with bitmaps.

3) Endian bug in tendian.c. This meant that it had difficulties reading
some GRIB1 files on big endian machines (IBM, HP, etc)

4) Adjusted metaparse.c::ParseGrid so that it computes the range
correctly when dealing with GRIB2 bitmaps.

5) Adjusted probe.c with -nLabel option to print the grid cell with a
number of decimals (instead of just the integer)

6) Found out that PrintSect4_Category was mislabeling category 14.
Instead of "Trace Gases", it was labeling it "Radar". This was because
I had forgotten to type "Momentum Probabilities" into the table.

7) Added some entries to metaname.c to handle NCEP's and NDFD's air
quality grids.

8) Attempted to find a way to exit Tcl/Tk on NCEP's super computer when
using ssh. Currently (on NCEP's machines), exiting tcl/tk from an ssh
session causes the ssh session to lock.


Please let me know if you have problems.


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