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Degrib 1.73
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 15:33:01 -0400

Hi everyone,

You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib aka
NDFD_GRIB2Decoder) mailing list (all 877 of us) (I'd like to welcome: kantiprasad, christopher.mundt.ctr, sarmaa, EDIAZ, moto, cfd12530, james.blackburn, jessica, briancrumpler, eric, stevesmith, kiyo.sato, caacmet, fbriol, Manuel.Pondeca, dennis.gettman, prouse, jonathanw, tashiro, g.williams, wind_dreamer, braunj, paquetjs, mike.rink, rkoster, k-katayama, ffrap1, mike_canann, dumont, jbenoit, mjolly, tomhardy, gkreddy, ejenkins, john_dzilvelis, nieves, steve.corak, jack.wasey, sangaela, thomas.kretz, yumanno, cygnus-x-1, mallen, steven.g.hoffert, stephan.henne, john.f.kuhn, oes, eblumenkrantz, davedemeuse, hunterbaby, okzk, Waylon.Collins, bdemulder, timothy.campo, info, okabe, ivey, doug.holland, atheyconsulting, Send2kevin, scott.nash, panjmoj, crabychap, rschaff1, welvdf, sean.c.ahern, zys, single52403,, tburno, tburno02, duncan.atkinson-hager, julian.prendi, rkambic, bruno.groppi, scott.krentz, nvlotom, rcamus, neil, tara.miller, george.h-ctr.mcmeen, barianet, jsf001, gillikina, tvmangum, meteoscott, pseal, newsletters, ddefilippi, huhb, rbjohnson, kyle.draganov, david.dosreis, lynne.dingerson, kirby.cook, robs, jerryemrick, tashya_allen, hulahwnleaha96, satmet.hp, me_shy, kimoons, eigenberg, brandl, dennis.laws, ldviveros, jmccaa, danettejeff, efren.serra.ctr, cottleb, hwbruce, cjohnson, ypogosyan, John, k_chikhar, paul.hershberg, x.seed, dvdweatherwizard)

Please let me know (email me) if you want to unregister. The latest version of the program is on (or

----------- General News.
----------- News about this release:

I have just finished putting together version "1.73" (last one that I
announced was "1.72" on 6/20/2005).

This release focused on making the NetCDF more "CF" compliant, adding the ability to convert to ESRI ASCII grids, some fixes for Gridded MOS changes, and the start of the -C -Map option which can "convert" an arbitrary GRIB message straight to a .png image.

1) Recently the people in charge of MaxT / MinT for gridded MOS changed a parameter in template 4.8 which had the effect of making degrib think it had run out of memory. I've fixed that now.

2) NetCDF. It was pointed out that the NetCDF files that I generate (using "-NetCDF 2") don't follow the "CF" convention as well as I'd like. With help from Noman Nawajish, and by looking at the RUC example at "", I've created a "-NetCDF 3" option.

2a) NetCDF Bugs: In addition I figured out why the GUI would not append more than 1 message to a NetCDF file, while the command line could. This was related to why multiple calls to "degrib -msg 1,2,3,..." resulted in 1 message in the file, instead of several, while "degrib -msg all" behaved correctly.

2b) To keep from mixing "-NetCDF 2" and "-NetCDF 3" files I check how the messages were created, and only append data if they are the same (If not I overwrite it).

3) Discovered why "-Grib" option had stopped working between version 1.65 and now.

4) Created a "-Flt -AscGrid" option to enable one to convert to ASCII ESRI grids. Various people prefer to work with the ASCII grids to the ESRI binary grids (which the .flt files were).

5) Started creating a "-C -Map" option, which creates a color coded map of a given GRIB message. It is based on the drawshp code, which draws arbitrary polygon/point shapefiles. It still needs some work, but will enable quick/scriptible visualization of arbitrary GRIB messages.

6) Added code to be able to differentiated Gridded MOS PoP06 and PoP12.

7) Introduced "-GrADS 2" which stores the valid time instead of the reference time in the .ctl file.

8) Added simple weather code over ride to tkdegrib

9) Added %A (Center number), %a (subcenter number), and %g (process number) options to -nameStyle, to help differentiate MaxT from Gridded MOS from MaxT from NDFD.

10) Introduced center / subcenter / process number lookups to enhance the meta data.

11) Made default choice of MSB consistent between tkdegrib and degrib

12) Continued to maintain the meta data tables, by adding GRIB1 table 131 for Michael Allard and Andrew P Revering, and by switching some elements in metaname.c from "," to ";" for Christopher McIntyre


Please let me know if you have problems.


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