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Subject: Degrib 1.76
From: "arthur.taylor"
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:31:57 -0500

Hi everyone,

You all have the unique distinction of being registered on my degrib
(aka NDFD_GRIB2Decoder) mailing list (all 1036 of us). Yes, it has
indeed crossed the 1000 person threshold! (Please note: at my wife's
suggestion, I shall welcome people at the end of the message)

Please let me know (email me) if you want to unregister. The latest
version of the program is on (or

----------- General News:

For those who haven't heard, TIN06-07 (see was sent out around 2/16/2006,
letting us know that NDFD variables RH and Apparent Temperature will
become operational on 3/15/2006 (I hope to release degrib 1.77 around then).

NCDC now has a new method of accessing historical NDFD datasets. Their
site is available at the NOAA-National Operational Model Archive and
Distribution System (NOMADS) at: Click on
Access, then NDFD. (I have yet to explore it in detail so unfortunately
I haven't updated

The WMO has a GRIB version 2 (edition 3) specification available at:
which is supposed to be active as of Nov 2005. However the WMO has not
updated the links at:
to reflect this. If someone could mention this to the WMO, it might
help people make use of GRIB version 2.

----------- News about this release:

I have just finished putting together version "1.76" (last one that I
announced was "1.75" on 12/8/2005).

This release focused primarily on the infrastructure changes needed to
begin merging the NDFD XML web service with degrib (hope to finish the
merge with "1.77"). In addition, it fixed some overwrite issues with
the -NetCDF 2,3 options, attempted to give better grid diagnostic
statistics (-Freq), and updated its meta tables to reflect the most
recent versions of GRIB2, NCEP's local use tables, and changes required
for future NDGD products.

1) Created a degrib_DP program which contains just the code for the -DP
and -Sector options. This should reduce the size and impact on web
servers of using the data cube probes.

2) Added the ability to specify multiple probe points on the command
line. This should help with CGI programs where one can't specify a pntFile.

3) Added ability to give a dirname instead of a grib file in the second
argument, or when using the -in option. The default is to check for
*.bin files in that directory, but the -gribFilter option allows one to
over-ride that.

4) Started creating a generic probe routine to keep probed info in
memory. This is being done to assist with merging the XML NDFD web
service with degrib. We have not finished the XML portion yet, nor is
it intended for use with other data sets
A) Added a -MOTD option to create a simple worded forecast (using
NDFD data) at a given lat/lon point to test what would be sent to the
XML encoding code.
B) Added a -startTime / -endTime to indicate particular hours of
interest. This may be added to the -P / -DP commands in the future.
C) Added a -ndfdVars option to specify which variables in a directory
are of interest,
D) Added -ndfdConven to specify which naming convention to use (the
NDFD group's convention (maxt,mint,temp) or the verification group's
E) Added a "-geoDataDir" to specify where the timezone / daylight
savings data files are (for use with the -XML options) (See

5) For the -NetCDF options 2, and 3, prior to appending, degrib now
checks if the message has the same reference time as the one in the
file. If they match, it appends it. If not, it overwrites the file.

6) Adjusted myMapf.c to better handle lat/lon grids when working around
0 deg longitude, (fixes a bug found by "george" in the UK).

7) Added a -Freq option to create a frequency distribution of the values
in the grid. This should help people determine the actual data
"precision" of what has been stored in the GRIB2 file. Also, added DSF
and BSF to the metadata output, to assist with "precision" inquiries.

8) Added ability to convert log10(g/m3) to g/m3 to assist with the
early stages of the NDGD experimental smoke product.

9) Found out that NDGD AQ ozone grids have both an operational and an
experimental flavor, and that the operational one is being updated all
the time. Had been under the impression that they only had experimental
grids. Have adjusted tkdegrib to download either the operational or
experimental grids.

10) Updated the metaname.c tables to handle the change to the NDGD's
Gridded MOS's PoP12, and PoP06 encoding methods.

11) Updated tables based on the most recent GRIB2 specs (edition 3)
available at:

12) Updated the "NCEP Local use" tables based on their web site: on 2/14/2006.

13) Updated metaname.c to add hours to the probability of thunderstorms
(ie TSTM03, TSTM06, TSTM12).

14) Added some support to assist with labeling of both the incremental
and cumulative probabilistic hurricane wind fields when they are
distributed in the NDFD/NDGD this summer.

15) Added calls to "strip" to and makefile.linux to reduce
the size of degrib

16) Improved the support for GRIB1 clustered ensemble data

17) Fixed various bugs.

----------- Welcome:
(I'd like to welcome: kcraig,
dmyburgh, ray, jbolstad, apursch, geert, james_jec, susan.elmore,
d9054807, todd.shobe, pnplibi, henri-claude.llugany, don.burr,
ernest.shelton, edmond.coche, p_pat_80, babroberg, yamasaki, ramlamham,
sales, castagne, ktdid547, dana, sl, meredithf, robert_w_bowne,
halldor.bjornsson, elke.ochs, lettie, gregv68, pv+dulug, rneff, puerto,
jasonhsuyc, amuir, scox,, grubin, jmschief, dave.niver,
zhang.yu-jiang, Jayme.Laber, mfiorino, jutter, wxguy53, vane.morrison,
ishihara, chuck.meier, bjfisel, joshwatson3, rdumais, thegaunce,
asairouni, hikari, whuang, jjrent, irussell30, mike.manker, briana,
snelson, James.A.Nelson, eve.duclos, mail, hphilbrick,filizzola,
wmarshal, wesley_marshall, wgoose100, ricciardelli, tech, wethey, wolff,
bernard.meisner, jhafner, robert.seaman, mike.grogan, jacksowb, watarai,
satheesh_c82, sheng, mabio71, cbabcock, bealsm, susan.beckwith, te,
leono, pjmarren, racarr, keith.thomson, dwozniak, ksakamoto, rgoldberg,
jbyoder, ethan.gibney, omar_baradi, post, james.a.nelson, yoel3,
jpowell85, JOHN.EYLANDER, davidhub, andrea.alessandrelli, sean_potter,
PK93, respiritu)

Please let me know if you have problems.


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