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Subject: Degrib 1.80
From: "arthur.taylor"
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:04:42 -0400

Hi everyone,

You have the unique distinction of being registered on the degrib
mailing list (all 1225 of us). Please email me if you want to
unregister. The latest version of the program is on: or

----------- General News:

TIN06-37: ( sent out Jun 5, 2006,
informed us that on "JULY 5 2006", Probabilistic Hurricane Wind Products
would be in the NDFD.

TIN06-39: Was a follow up on the fact that on 9/6/2006 NDFD element
files will be split into 2 files. One for "days 1 to 3", and the other
for "days 4 to 7". It refers one to
"", which appears to have all
the details spelled out.

Also: keep in mind: TIN06-24: Sent out around 5/2/2006, informing us
that the Real Time Mesoscale Analysis grids will be added to the NDGD on
8/1/2006. They are going to start with "temperature (and error)"
"dewpoint (and error)" "u-wind (and error)" "v-wind (and error)"
"precipitation", and "GOES effective cloud amount". They are planning
to add "wind speed" and "wind direction" late in 2006. If you have
comments, send them to

Please note that there is some talk of adding Alaska to the NDFD in the
near future, as well as adding wind gusts. Nothing official yet.

----------- News about this release:

I have just finished putting together version "1.80" (last one that I
announced was "1.79" on 5/22/2006).

This release focused primarily on adding support for Probabilistic
Hurricane Wind Products to the NDFD.

1) Probabilistic Hurricane Wind (p-wind) Support. When pwind was added
to the NDFD, it was added to the CONUS sector, and all CONUS
sub-sectors. In addition a new sector "nhemi" was invented. "nhemi"
covers the CONUS sector and extends to cover Puerto-Rico and some of the
Virgin Islands. For those familiar with the "AWIPS 227" grid, "nhemi"
comes closer than the CONUS NDFD grid to matching the full extents of
the "AWIPS 227". "nhemi" and "AWIPS 227" may indeed be identical, but I
haven't verified it. NOTE: For the "nhemi" grid, NDFD provides only the
pwind weather element.

1a) To support "nhemi", I had to create timezone and daylight geo-data
files, which took some time (hence the delayed release date (and having
a minor cold)).

1b) Please note that the image creation capability in tkdegrib
(available only on the MS-Windows version) does not support pwind or nhemi.

2) Moved the dwml code to a separate library (/src/dwmllib).

3) Thanks to Jack Settelmaier, I found out that I was double counting
some section 1 lengths when doing inventories of GRIB1 files. The
result of this was that I incorrectly provided an error stating I'd run
out of data. This only affected GRIB1 inventories of really small
message sizes.

4) Various people have been testing out the makefile.sun files, and
pointed out that I'd forgotten to include some of them.

5) Updated the NCEP GRIB2 local tables on 7/5/2006 to match what NCEP is

6) Added support for Template 4.11 (Ensemble + Stats).

7) Fixed the fact that satellite data does not have surfaces.

8) Fixed some minor makefile.aix issues.

Please let me know if you have problems.


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